How To Start Your A Successful Daily Routine

To start your daily routine, you must remember to have proper breakfast,drink at least a glass of water,plan ahead for your appointments,glance through emails, check the latest news and organize yourself. This way, you can be productive and be assured to be wellness in your daily life.

This is a random thought. I saw a post on taking morning strolls in the local park. I asked myself what things can I do to start my daily routine? The time to complete these tasks needs to be an hour at most.Here is my list of probable tasks. These choices can be very helpful.You can choose any from the following list:

#1 Have breakfast: Some of you skip breakfast altogether and leave home on an empty stomach. When you do eat later, you can run into the risk of developing stomach-related problems.Cereals, oatmeal, fruit juice and a banana are good choices for breakfast. Thus, it is a good habit to adopt in your daily routine.

#2 Drink water: Drink plenty of water in your entire day. This not only quenches your thirst, but helps you to maintain a supreme body, help in good blood circulation, digestion and waste removal. I drink around 3 litres of water daily. Maintaining your body, by starting with a glass of water in early morning, should be added to everyone's routine.

#3 Make itinerary for future:It is always a good idea to plan for your future event. You can always check the route schedule ahead of a later appointment. I always do the same. You can also check out the place, ahead of your appointment. There is always traffic in early mornings. By taking this early trip, you can estimate the time for your original trip and leave ahead for an appointment. Appointments can come any days, so it is important to make this a part of your daily routine.

#4 Exercise: 30 minutes of daily exercise is recommended by healthcare professionals. This half an hour activity can include jogging,yoga and interval running. You can also include walking or tai-chi to this list. This activity is a definite must addition to your daily routine.

#5 Drink your favorite hot beverage: Tea, coffee or smoothie- whatever your favorite beverage is:make sure to serve yourself a drink. The first sip will open your senses, clear will mind and bring yourself to reality. You will feel alive and be ready for the long day. Do not forget to add this to your daily routine.

#6 Read daily newspaper: Whether you can get a copy of the weekly or daily newspaper, you should always make an attempt to keep ahead of the ongoing news. Nowadays, digital gadgets, such as cell phone and tablets, can offer this also. This activity should be a topmost priority in your daily routine.

#7 Check your email:We live in a digital world. Communication are often made by email. Once in the early morning, you should check your email. At least, skim through your emails and reply to the important ones. You should make this activity into a habit and an crucial addition to your daily routine.

#8 Organize: Being organized has its own benefit. For instance, it speeds up your work. Daily morning organization can help you tidy up your entire day and later the entire week. Adding this simple chore to your daily routine can eventually shape up your entire year.

Written and published : Asem Mohammad

What else would you add to this list.Your turn next!

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