Causes of Windows Blue Screen and How to Solve Windows Blue Screen

If you are using a windows computer, I believe you might have had a signal of your machine showing a blue screen all of a sudden and you don't know what to do,

the worst part of it all is that, the blue screen does not necessarily tell you the exact problem with your computer before or after its appearance. Making it very difficult to pin point exactly what the problem could be.

Any unsaved work during the blue screen is permanently lost unless it was saved prior to the crash.

We are going to share with you what we understand might be the cause of the blue screen and the possible solution to the crash problem that results as blue screen…

Causes for Blue Screen in Windows

Blue screen is as a result of irrevocable critical error which is popularly known a Windows Stop error... Basically meaning a stop of windows Operating system running.

Unlike normal application crashing leading to its termination,Low level software internal crashes may occur leading to the whole windows kernel malfunctioning causing the entire system to stop working and eventually terminating the OS causing it to turn blue screen and shutting down immediately.  The user has no option than to restart the computer.

Note that each time such a problem exist, windows automatically creates a dump file regarding the problem which might be causing the error.

This dump file can be used to debug the problems. You can locate the dump file using the in-built Event Viewer Utility or an external tool called the BlueScreenView created by NirSoft.

The known cause of the blue screen is the crashing of a low level software or probably a faulty hardware issue(s).

Other causes of Blue screen might be:

#1     Malware clinging to the Windows Operating system kernel causing it to malfunction.
#2     Outdated or probably corrupted hardware drivers.
#3     Faulty windows update
#4     Outdated BIOS.
#4     Incompatible or corrupted DLLs,
#5 Corrupted registry

Tips for resolving Blue Screens

We believe that the solutions stated below would be of help in helping to solve the blue screen problem showing up on your computers.

#1 Scan for Malware:  If the cause of the blue screen is possibly a malware, the best thing to do is to run an in depth scan of the whole system using an antivirus, we hope you have an anti-virus program installed on your PC already.. You can use AVG, Microsoft essential or may be Avast.

#2 Reinstall Drivers:  Check your driver’s manager of any outdated drivers and update it using the latest drivers. Before you can do this, you need to make sure you are connected to the internet. If you don’t have access to internet at home, you might want to go a cafĂ©. Always keep your computer with updated drivers and software.

#3 Check Your Hardware:  You can also check your memory modules, graphics card for any faults as well as overheating because it is also known cause blue screens.

#4 Reinstall Windows: If everything fails to work, the final solution is to reinstall your windows by replacing it with a new one with new drivers. This should solve the problem. Remember to backup your windows before reinstalling a new one so you would not lose your programs even if you need to format your hard drive... If you can’t do it, please give it to someone who knows how to fix it and watch him do it so you might be able to do it all by yourself the next time such a problem comes up.

We hope this tutorial has been of help to you, if you think you have any other solution, please drop it in the comment box below…. Thank you !!

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