Best Places to Promote Your Blog Post or Content

There are over thousands of places to promote your newest post but it is very important to recognize the most profitable network to share your information.

The fact is that if you want to grow your blog traffic as quickly as you want, then I guess you really need to look into spending quality time sharing your content on social networks and other community base.

Don't underestimate the capability of these communities in driving traffic to your blog and increasing the number of users reading your post. 

Every community or social media network is very vital and as such should be given an optimum consideration. 

Am going to share with you in categories, the best places where you can promote your content, information or blog post immediately after you have published it.

As a blogger, writer, it is very important you belong to as many community and social network as possible and share information with your friends and the rest of the members.

This has been recognised as one of the most assured way of getting people of interest reaching out to your information. 

Blogger’s Communities.

Blogging communities are places where you relate with bloggers of the same interest sharing content with members to learn from and promote each other.

Top Communities

Kingged                          (
Klinkked                          (
Blogengage                     (
Triberr                            (
Social Buzz Club             (
Biz Blogging Buzz           (
Bizsugar                         (
Inbound                          (
The Writers Social          (
Blokube                          (                             (

Social Media Network.

Social media is the social group or network where people can interact with friends and families, share and exchange informations and ideas.

Top Social Networks.

Pinterest (With Pinterest you just have to pin the images of post to your boards)
YouTube (Create a video of every post if possible)
Instagram (Post image(s) of post)

Bookmark Sites

Social bookmarking websites allow Internet users to organize and store bookmarks to online resources. The sites provide folksonomy-based tagging, sharing features, web feeds, and bookmarklets to easily add entries. Users can access their bookmarks from any computer.

Top Bookmark Sites

Digg                          (
Reddit                        (
StumbleUpon              (                     (
Delicious                    (

Place a social sharing widget or plugin on your site.

You can give access to your faithful readers or viewers to also share your content with their friends and family on various community and social platform. This has be noted as one of the best ways to increase site traffic for a blog and make your content reach maximum reads.

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