7 Powerful Tips To Extend Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

One of the biggest fall of most of these smartphones is the longevity of the battery lifespan. It is understandable that with the latest smartphones being upgraded to work faster and more powerful, the ability to drain battery dry is a true possibility. However, there should be a way to minimize battery drain to increase longevity..

Below are some of the tips that should help increase your android battery life span.

#1. Stop Apps that are not in use. Do you know that any apps running in the background that might  not be in use exert an extra load on the phone's CPU and memory and consequently cause the CPU  to work harder thereby consuming more of the battery power.. 

#2. Turn off your GPS radio and your Wi-Fi as well as your bluetooth when not in use. These  applications are the most hungary battery sucking hogs.  It is recommended to turn them off to save the life of your battery, unless you have a very important reason to use them.

#4 – Decrease the brightness of the screen of your android phone to make sure you save the battery lifespan. When in the dark, it is recommended you reduce the brightness manually to the extent that  you can see your screen as clear as possible. Increasing the brightness of your screen is highly  called for when you are outdoors, because the sun interferes with the brightness.

#5. Do you know how powerfully facebook and twitter apps drains the battery dry, if you are not sure, just turn of your twitter and facebook status notifications off and see how much power you might have saved. 

#6. Buy a portable power bank for your device and put your phone on charge whilst using it to browse the internet or basically playing with apps on your smartphone. 

A power bank is an external power source where power is saved basically by charging it, This saved power can be used to charge your smartphone when your battery runs down

The Image below illustrates what a power bank is used for !!

#7. Turn your Airplane Mode on when you accurately know that you are in an area where there is a poor or no signal. There constant search for signal by your phone can render your your battery dry faster than you can ever imagine.

I guess these few tips might help extend the lifespan of your battery and carry you throughout the day or travel.

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