How To Receive Money Through Paypal Payment In Ghana

It is really a hassle receiving or even sending money from most of the African states online, Ghana is of no exception. Paypal was a bit considerate including Nigeria and other African states into their list leaving Ghana with no fate...

Let me introduce you to the new and effective way of receiving money from online payments including Cards and paypal.

MPower is a new payment service that works with your preferred digital wallet or bank account to offer a convenient, safer and overall better payment experience. It is a complete end-to-end online and mobile payment transactions solution to enable consumers and businesses send, spend and receive payments.

Receive Money From A PayPal User
Get paid from all over the world to your MPower account via PayPal. PayPal has users from over 100 countries. All you have to do is complete a Receive Money >> PayPal form with the correct email address of the PayPal account you wish to receive payment from.

An email is sent to the PayPal account holder to confirm and finalize the payment. As soon as this is complete, the money is added to your MPower account instantly.

To see How it works please visit this link


To see How it works please visit this link

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