4 Best Smartphone Weather App For 2014

1. Dark Sky

This is one of the best iPhone weather apps, unfortunately for the android users, it does not come in android version. may be we should hope it is made available in the near future. The dark sky iPhone weather app is very simple but packed with full amazing features. With this app you can simply get information about wind speed.

Dark Sky uses state-of-the-art technology to predict when it will rain or snow — down to the minute at your exact location, and presents it to you alongside the most beautiful weather visualizations you've ever seen. it has a lot of amazing features may be you should check it out in their official website.

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2. BBC Weather

BBC  weather is a simple easy to read app, it does not really demand any special skill or knowledge to be able to read signals concerning the weather. Just below the app, you would find upcoming weather forecast with dates. You can easily tap on the date to get full details of the forecast... It also gives you the chance to find forecast of a particular location by inputting the location in the search box above...

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3. Yahoo Weather

The highly-acclaimed Yahoo Weather app is now available on Android, featuring stunning photos that match current weather conditions and an ALL new design with a ton of new features. See the weather like never before. Easily swipe for the most accurate weather forecasts or add a home screen widget for the latest weather information. Wherever you go, the forecast is beautiful.

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4. Accuweather Platinum

Talking about the Accuweather Platinum it is a little of customizable than the rest of the weather apps. You can customize it to your choice of app. With its feature, it goes out for sale for about £1.75.  It gives you real life news of weather broadcast.. It has a lot of feature settings you could play around with. It has a home screen widget for android users, making it easy to see weather notifications right from you home screen.

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