3 resources that would make you successful In Your Business

I have being reading a lot articles these days, doing a lot of researches of new ideas and trying to see reasons in why some people are able to achieve so much when others achieve less,

It occurred to me that the only difference is how much better they are able to utilize their time, how better they put in their effort and last not the least, how effectively they invest in what they do...

Let’s take a look at the resources and break it down to the simplest and see how best it helps in making us successful.

3 resources that would make you successful

Resources #1    Time

Did you know that time is one of the most important resources in any field, career or perspective in life. Did you know that God values time a lot? If you look into the bible, you would notice that GOD schedule His things according to time and does not waste time in fulfilling what He promised.

A typical example can be found in Genesis 21:2, where God fulfilled His promise to Sarah according to the  said  time. There are many instances in the Bible that profoundly  deals with time.

Time as it might seem simple to mention is very critical, it is the only one thing in the whole world that neither gold, diamond nor money can buy. Once it has passed, you can never make up for it…

It is based upon this knowledge that many say that procrastinating is a thief of time. As an upcoming star in what you do, you should make sure you do your things according to set time. Do not procrastinate because a lost time can never be regained... Learn to manage time effectively.

Let me make an assumption here,

Assumption #1
If Mr. Lawrence has set his time to work on a project Alpha and he ends up procrastinating his time at which he set of the project alpha. You would realize that the time he would be needing to accomplish project beta, he would be using it to do project alpha making him inability to progress to project beta… This would totally render Mr. Lawrence the full  inability to progress in his field…

Assumption #2
If Mr. Fry schedules is time to accomplish work A and he is faithful enough to carry out all his obligation according to his plan, you would realize that the next time he has for another work would not be hindered by the previous work, thus rendering Mr. Fry full potential progress….

Always plan your time well and don’t waste it on useless matters. Be careful not to procrastinate, and do everything in the best way you can, with focus and attention.

Question, among the two of them which one would prosper more?

Nevertheless, it is Only GOD that has the most infinite power to make all things work out for good, we are all human and as such might fail at some point in our life...It is something bound to happen, However, if GOD is made the centre of your focus there would be nothing like failure for you, if only you heed to His voices.

Do you know why? 
Because Him alone sees the end from the beginning,

Resources #2    Effort 

Effort is also another one of the main resources we should look into, as the name suggests, it is basically putting in energy, power, strength towards the achievement of a set goal.

I believe the definition has spoken for its self already. Does it sound self-explanatory?

If you want to get successful in any field of life, all you need to do is just to apply considerable amount of energy. It is very obligatory that success should be driven by handwork which is basically noted as effort.

There is no success without effort, if you work harder, there is a greater chance of getting a problem solved and would be enhanced for the better, well beyond its earlier scope and possibility your success would be guaranteed.

Resources #3    Investment 

Investment is just like watering a crop you have planted or sowed on the soil.

Do you know that when you plant a seed of maize and you hide it from the sun and you further deny it from water, it would hider it from growing. It might not be likely to survive. That is to say every business needs investment, whether directly or indirectly.

Same applies to any business and blogging is not an exception, Anything that is free is very dangerous because it comes with terms and conditions that needs to be applied... Nevertheless, if you pay for a product or for a service, you are free to do anything with it..

A lot of people have dreams of being their own boss, and that requires a lot of investment, how many times have you heard a friend say he wants to own his business and be his own boss ? Sometimes they get intimidated by other competitors who have reached the climax of their goal. On the contrary,

I would advice that any starter should not be intimidated by the success of others but rather learn from the steps and flaws..

We use money to accrue money. but the truth is that, First, it takes more than money to start a successful business. It requires a lot more. Starting a business takes drive, commitment and an insatiable desire to work like you've never worked before...

The fact is that, if you are able to subscribe for internet connection for your desktop or laptop or may be you have bought a top domain for your site, or you have gotten an office for your business. You shouldn't be surprise that you are really making an investment, may be it needs to go beyond that... It takes little by little to grow your business....

As a starter , I know we all wish our business grows to the stage we want them to, note that if we don't invest our money in our business, even though the is a chance that it would grow, it would probably take a very long time to reach the climax.

Nevertheless, if we invest our money, there is a greater probability that it would grow in a considerable amount of time...

Do you have anything you wish to add , please leave it in the comment so we would discuss it.. Thank you..

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