Hello everybody, hope we are good??  Today’s post is on the topic of security: that is how we can make our accounts online secured and safe from pilfering and leakage.

Do you take safety measures and precaution to keep your account safe? If yes, then what are the procedures you take to ensure your claim? I don’t know whether you have heard of any news of accounts being hacked!!

If you don’t know, let me tell you, day in and day out,  there are complains of users accounts being hacked and the access diverted, that means the original owner can no longer access their accounts. And that is bad, I guess we wouldn't want that to happen to us!!

As part of our commitment to provide you with healthy information, we would like to remind you of some useful tips that could help keep your account, and the personal details contained within it, very safe and secure.

Here's How You Can Protect Your Account: 

TIP #1

Change your password regularly. 

Changing password regularly is always recommended if you are using a public computer to access the internet to do your activity. This is because the computer you are using is basically not your own and as such, you don’t know what software is running on the programs. You never can trust public computer system. If you can’t get a personal computer for yourself, it is recommended to do this check.

TIP #2

Do not include your username, name, or year of birth in your password. 

Always make sure you don’t include any of these information in your password. Because it might make it possible for someone around you to guess right your password and log in to your account. The reason is, this information are meant to be disclose publicly as part of your personal information to your audience or friends.
So always ensure that you don’t add any of this information to your password, prevention is better than cure, if only there is a cure in the first place!!

TIP #3

Use a mixture of letters and numbers to increase the strength of your password.

Increase the strength of your password by mere using all characters such as text (Capital and Small letters), figures and symbols. The togetherness of all these characters makes your password strong enough to be penetrated.

TIP #3

Don’t share your personal computer with any friend or relative.

If you are a blogger or a business man whose work demands using computers to work, I wouldn't suggest sharing it with any of your friends because are believe your personal, private and business documents would be in it. Apart from that, some people always save their passwords on their computer (Browsers) so they would not be asked to type it next time they log on to the same site… And these password can be revealed when one visits your browsers settings in the security section. So be wise and don’t make that mistake of sharing your personal computer.

TIP #4

Put a password on your BIOS and on your windows/Mac log on screen.

You can’t be assured of taking your laptop everywhere you go, there would be times when you would leave it to attend to other occasions. At these times, someone might try to access your laptop or desktop for whatever the reason might be. You would be on a safer side if you take these security measures…

TIP #5

Check the kind of links you click (open) from your email inbox or spam box.

These days, we receive mails that are not supposed to be in our inbox, and we think they are harmless, please be cautioned. Some of the links are contains viruses that would be downloaded unto your computer stealthily (silently) without you knowing that you have installed a virus that would access all your security base data and report to the sender of the virus. This viruses are known as key logger, their job is to report to the creator whatever is happening in any computer they are installed. …

To be on the safer side, you can download and install an Anti-Keylogger.   I strongly recommend Zemana Antilogger, it is one of the best. Find out more...

I understand that no one ever wishes to be a victim of this, so in order not to be a victim, you have to take strong security measures in protecting your property!!

We create a company, website or even blog. And now what is left is how well we could possibly market it and make it gain grounds.

The bone of contention here becomes, where or how do I start the marketing ?  What are the better avenue to exploit and market my business ?  This is a natural question anybody would ask.... But unfortunately for us, there is no fixed answer to this questions as explained by Neil Patel, because not every business is the same and the vary from one business to the other.

This is an infographic designed by NEIL PATEL of qicksprout.com,

In this infographic, he explains explicitly to us how we can decide on which angle or perspective to look from as we consider marketing our business. In addition, he also outlined things we need to consider when building a brand awareness for our business...

How to Build Brand Awareness for Your Business
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

I hope you have learnt something, if you feel you have any question please drop it in the comment box and lets discuss it or head over to Quicksprout  Thank You !!

Secure your web banking and on-line searching

The Internet brings the globe into your home, that is nice till things go wrong…

Online searching, banking and social networking sites enrich your life. however if malware, spy-ware or a keylogger infects your computer, then someone else gets wealthy at your expense…

Traditional anti-virus software system reacts too slowly. It solely appearance for notable threats, thus it's lot if you get hit by AN unknown "zero day" malware. Tomorrow, everyone else's anti-virus programs can update and sweep away the intruder. however that is too late for you! Your bank account's empty, your mastercard details area unit up for auction on A banned website, someone is exploitation your pc to mass mail ("spam") the remainder of the globe, and your personal web site currently redirects to banned smut.

Zemana AntiLogger  is proactive. It goes any than simply guarding against notable threats. It uses refined time period activity analysis to unceasingly monitor your pc for suspicious activity. If one thing or someone is recording your keystrokes, trawling your Winchester drive, or change of state together with your system, then AntiLogger steps in. you'll surf the net like perpetually, knowing your pc is protected.

Do I still need AntiLogger when I have an Anti-Virus?

AntiLogger is dramatically higher than ancient antivirus merchandise. they sometimes solely explore for virus "fingerprints", that should 1st be known by antivirus re-searchers operating in a very science lab. This creates a window of chance for unseen malware to bring disturbance beneath the terribly nose of your security software system.

Anti-Logger provides higher protection. rather than anticipating notable malware, it is aware of however malware operates within your pc. It will observe running malware, and stop it from symptom your pc.

Is AntiLogger totally compatible with antivirus or firewall tools?

Yes, we tend to designed Zemana AntiLogger for max compatibility. in depth tests establish no conflict with well-known security merchandise. you'll use Zemana Anti-Logger as a very important additional layer of security.

Aren't HTTPS/SSL secured web banking sites secure enough?

They are terribly secure. sadly, the malware really spies on your pc, not the sites you use!
For example, a keylogger steals your username and password by observation your keyboard. different spyware may steal info from your arduous drive information that's terribly seemingly to be simply understood by the malefactor.

Security Features;

SSL Logger protection (WORLD’S FIRST!): 128-bit encryption reliably secures data during online shopping and high-value financial transactions. Unfortunately, a new generation of spyware grabs your data just before it becomes safely encrypted! Zemana AntiLogger's unique proactive protection prevents your personal information from being stolen while you are conducting online banking transactions or e-commerce using an encrypted 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Webcam Logger protection (WORLD’S FIRST!): Is Big Brother watching you? Hackers and spyware can seize control of your webcam, even when it's switched off! Needless to say, Zemana AntiLogger prevents this.

Key Logger protection: Keyloggers record whatever you type by monitoring the keyboard. This renders most security useless, but not Zemana AntiLogger!

Clipboard Logger protection: Copying, cutting and pasting sends potentially sensitive data to your Windows clipboard where malware can get at it. Fortunately, Zemana AntiLogger deals with all attempts at malicious monitoring, including memory capture.

Screen Logger protection: Just as you can take a screen capture, screenlogger malware snaps the screen at your most vulnerable moments, e.g., when you are plugging in sensitive data such as bank account information with VirtualKeyboard. Zemana Anti-Screen Logger spots this suspicious activity in ways that go beyond the standard, signature-based anti-logging algorithms.

System Defense: Malware likes to get at your registry, your physical memory (RAM), and other sensitive areas so it can inject malicious code and seize control of your PC. Zemana AntiLogger guards against all this, securing the very heart of your machine.

Stop hackers now with Zemana AntiLogger !

No need to download latest virus signatures No need to know or detect the malware's signature No need to wait for updates from a virus lab No need to scan files Proactively looks for suspicious activity Catches not just the usual suspects, but also sophisticated "zero day" malware Prevents theft of data via secure connections (HTTPS / SSL) Does not slow down your PC Easy to download, install and use Windows Vista and Windows XP

Supported operating systems: 
Windows Vista/ Windows XP/Windows later...

Hardware requirements: 
128 MB Ram, 50 MB free space on the hard drive, Intel Pentium 300 MHz or higher (or equivalent).

Easy taxi is an online service and a completely free smartphone application that allows people hail a licensed taxi from the comfort of their homes or offices on your mobile device or computer.

Easy Taxi has a mobile application which can be installed on either an Android, Blackberry or Apple device. This guarantees a taxi to call on at any time. The application also uses the GPS of the user to find the closest and available Easy Taxi driver around.

Easy Taxi is an on-demand car service that seeks to create efficiencies in the transportation network by bridging the gap between taxi drivers and potential passengers.

Easy Taxi’s aim is to create a lasting legacy in Nigeria, Ghana, America, India and beyond by changing the perception of taxis and by making people think twice about using their cars. 

With fantastic features such as the “Tariff”, Driver’s Details, GPS Tracking and the recently added messaging feature, the Easy Taxi app keeps getting better. So why bother yourself with the hassles of hailing a cab? There’s an app for that!

See how it works

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For Passengers

It is a new era of getting in touch with taxis to take your destination, all you have to do is just to download the Easy taxi app on your phone and stay connected to a whole new world of convenience… Click here to learn more.

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If you want to partner Easy Taxi as a driver, you have to make your pre-registration by phone, You are recommended to download the app. Visit Google play and search for Easy Taxi Driver App , download and install it on your device. You would receive a call from them within 2 days for full registration.  Click here for more information.

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Hello everybody,  today we would be discussing on the topic how to engage your readers or audience to get involve in whatever information you are offering them, it could be a product, a post or article just like this or may be a video…

I have not been too long in the blogging industry, but I guess am not wrong when I say, engagement is very important to everybody because it is the only factor that makes people enjoy what they are reading or watching.

Let’s say, you are passing by and you see an article, movie or may be an advert, you would be prompted to watch or read base on how engaging it is, right?

That is to say that Engagement is very important, it is the only factor that keeps audience on their seat to dig deep into any information anybody is offering. In regards to that, it should be one of the factors bloggers, writers or even video pod casters really need to consider working on.

When we say engagement as to the information you are providing, we are not restricted to certain points as your mind would be taking you to so many instances.

Yes, some of the instances you are thinking of might be right but let’s go beyond the borders of our comfort zone and look at various areas that might be very interesting to know.

Today we are going to dive into this very topic, and here are the outlines that we would consider expanding for better understanding,

+ Important Outline
  1. Your headline should be engaging and attracting...
  2. Make sure every post has a strong opening...
  3. Ensure that the idea behind your content is well explained for better understanding and self-explanatory...
  4. Use sub heading to tell their own story...
  5. Use eye catching interesting media or visuals...(Images or videos)
  6. Don't assume anything teach fact instead of assumptions...
  7. Break up your content with quotes, bulletin or even images.
  8. Write shorter and simple sentences.
  9. Always encourage your audience to leave a comment by asking a question at the end of the post…

Ok!   Now that we have the outline, let’s try to expand it one after the other for better understanding.  Of the whole topic….


When we talk about engaging your readers or audience, the first step to consider is your headline or possibly your content information title.

That is the only thing that attracts someone to want to open your content is the first place. That alone guarantee you an entry to your content.

But that is definitely not a guarantee that the person would read to the very last bit of the information. That brings us to the next point...

Special Tip: Engagement brings a lot of traffic to your blog or website 


After your title has been able to attract people to open up the information, it is then up to you to give a very nice and intelligent opening to your information.

Always remember that the title of an information is as important as the opening and it guarantees a read up of your content.

Always make it interesting and create a suspense in the heart of your readers, always make them want to read more… let’s consider the next point which says:


This point is very important and should be considered just like the rest of the points mentioned above. I guess you might have read post from other famous bloggers saying “content is king” this simply means that your content has the power to make or break your blog popularity and credibly.

I wrote a post about “how to increase your blog credibility”, you might want to read it.

If you are able to explain the idea behind your title or information, then you are on the destination of audience engagement and there would be happy that your post is not as junk like the rest of the information they might have come across on the web. but the success of this can be attributed to how well you can explain yourself in writing. 

Make your content carry profound explanation of the topic you are writing !!


Content becomes interesting to read if you are able to break it in different headings called the sub-headings. It is the only way not to make your post boring…

Introduce sub-headings and let them explain themselves and direct it towards the achievement of reaching the goal of the main content or information. This post is an example.


If your content is text based, then you consider putting relevant images to you context, note the key word here is relevant image. Research has shown the content with relevant images gets the highest involvement with and engagement, it shows diversification in your artefact. It breaks the boringness of a content and adds an ingredient of interest…


Everybody wants to be around a professional, so he or she would learn a lot. We wouldn't want to use our business as a sample or may be a trial version because we are simply serious about it.

So we want to get facts not an assumption that it might work. I guess everybody wants to hear it would work instead of the otherwise. SO I always recommend you teach facts to your audience. It makes your content or information more interesting.


Quotes makes your text based information look beautiful from afar and even near. It also used to breaks the boringness in the heart of your readers just like images does. It is also used for special advice or even a special tips or note.

As a pro blogger it is always recommended to use quotes. We are aiming to become a pro blogger someday.

Same as a Bulletin points in your context. It helps a lot just like using quotes and images.


Longer explanation of a points or headlines sounds boring only if you are not able to structure it nicely and interesting. You should try to explain yourself as short as possible.

Am not saying that longer explanation of a point is bad, am only trying to say that in as much as some points might require longer explanations, it is recommended to make it as short as possible.

Use correct and simple sentence that is better understood by everyone, don’t use jargons because not everybody understands your country’s jargon.


Finally, always encourage your readers or audience to join the conversion by leaving a comment using your comment system box.

You can simply ask them of what they think about the information you haves successfully written and published. Just like as am about to ask you of what you think about the information you have read here…

Let me hear from You: I would  love to hear what you think about this information. Let me know in the comments.   Join The Discussion by leaving a comment !!

It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to wait for you to make such mistakes and correct yourself as time is increasing you might be left behind. I always agree to learn from people who have made it in life, get their experiences and know what they have done to succeed that I haven’t done and apply it in my life and see the changes. On that note, I saw that I should put together some of the most important and popular quotes that have really being of help to me... However some of them might be familiar to you but never mind, it is better to refresh your mind on the things you know, than to say you know them but yet can’t remember….

Thank God for yet another day with great breath and a wonderful life filled with blessed people like. God has made all things possible to those that believe. So you better believe today and join the winning team.... 

Positive Inspirational Quotes to Motivate Us.......

Without the assistance of a Divine being GOD I cannot succeed. With the assistance of the Almighty GOD I cannot fail. ABRAHAM LINCOLN... 

If we acknowledge our need for GOD, He would help us in all good things that we do. DR. BEN CARSON.

It is possible to give away and become richer. It also possible to hold on too tightly and lose everything. Yes, the liberal man shall be rich. By watering others, he waters himself.       Prov. 11:24-25

The only way to get rid of bad habit is to replace it with the good one. Rather than concentrate upon what you are not going to do, concentrate on what you are going to do. CARL MAYS.

Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple law which govern its acquisition. GEORGE CLAYSON.

A successful man is the one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him. DAVID BRINKLEY

It is important to have goals to strive for because you cannot be a winner in life without them. JIM DAVIDSON.

That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do, not that the nature of it has changed, but that our power to do it has increased. RALPH WALDO EMERSON.

Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.

Associate yourself with people of good quality if you esteem your reputation, for it is better to be alone than to be with bad company. GEORGE WASHINGTON.

The difficulties and struggles of today are but the best price we must pay for the accomplishment and victory of tomorrow. WILLIAM BOETCKER.

Time is a unique and interesting resources, invisible, unalterable and unstoppable. TOMMY NEWBERR.

Wisdom is the ability to make use of knowledge effectively. MYLES MUNROE..

Never you fight your detractors physically, but work hard and let the results of your work silence them. PASTOR ENOCH AMINU.

If I believe I cannot do something, it makes me incapable of doing it... But when I believe I can, then I acquire the ability to do it, even if I did not have the ability to do it from the beginning. MAHATMA GHANDI  

It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits to our abilities do not exist. PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN.

Man’s greatest limitations the one created in his own mind. CHARLES ALBET POISANT.

You must back up your ambition by your whole nature, by unbound enthusiasm and a determination to win that know no failure. ORISON SWETT MARDEN.

One of the secret of success is to refuse to let temporary setbacks to defeat us. MARRY KAY

Prosperity is living easily and happily in the real world, whether you have money or not. JERRY GILIES.

Success seems to be connected with action, successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit. CONRAD HILLTON.

When you hear about someone who have failed. You are also hearing about someone who has tried and succeeded. You can never fail unless you try. There is no disgrace in failing, there is only disgrace in never having tried. JUDY ZERAFA

You can either control your fears or allow your fears to control you. RALF WALDO EMERSON.

The real winners in life are the people who look at every situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make it better. BARBARA FLETCHER.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievements and the best way to escape a problem is to solve it. HELEN KELLER and ALAN SAPORTA.

No matter how disabled a child may be born, if the boy or the girl becomes a learned man or woman they are no longer disabled. HENRY VISCARDI.

If someone tells you that you cannot do something and you believe it, they are right. CAROL BURNETT.

When something is funny search it carefully for there would be a hidden truth in it. +George Bernard Shaw Fan Page 

Whatever creates joy and energy within you is probably an indication of what GOD wants you to pursue. +Mike Murdock 

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better than before or now. PAT RILEY.

In Everything you do put GOD first because HIM alone see the end from the beginning. +Dok Simon 

Please leave your own quote in the comment box below... So people would read !!