Using Header Tags to Improve Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

Using Header Tags to Improve Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

In this post we are going to learn how we can use header tags to improve search engine rankings. . Before we proceed we are going to look at what a header is or heading means.  A heading is a piece of information that explains a format of context in one sentence of phrase. Usually, a heading is always a phrase but carries information about a piece of work. And the piece of work or context then justifies the headings.

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Header tags are pieces of HTML that makes headings or words stand out in a post, page or article. To better understand how the heard tag works, let me give an instance that everybody applies when reading a piece of article or newspaper. Imagine you are reading a newspaper, there are bold title with specific font size may be underlined and given a different colour. These features makes the title or that particular phrase stand out and makes it more important and catchy. And consequently it catches your attention to read it. 

Similar to that, the header tags places the same role, it makes it possible to your readers to know what the post, article or page is all about. It also make it possible for search engine to see how important the page is. When used together with page title, Meta description and important keyword that is targeted to your content, it helps search engines improve your ranking for specific phrases and keyword.

How Search Engines Read Headings

There are different ways Search engines prioritize the importance of headings and as such it is very vital to use correct headings at correct points and sections.   The results of using a web accessibility tool-bar would reveal how properly a header tag is being used.
The image below represents it…….

The title of the post, article or page should be present. The header tags are properly positioned from the H1 (the title of the page) and the rest of the tags following in order of sequence and importance. 

The header tag H1 is one of the most important tag as it show Search engine what the page is talking about. As such, it should not be used more than once. But H2, H3, H4 and the rest can be used more than once. 

Format of The header tag 
<H1> Using Header Tags to Improve Search Engine Ranking (SEO)</H1>

The hierarchy at which header tags should be used …..

How To See if my site Uses H1 Tags Headings and the rest?

Open your web Internet browser  
Visit the URL of the page you want to check for 
Click ‘view’ then ‘source.’ A new window will open displaying the HTML code 
Click ‘edit’ then ‘find.’ 
Type in <h1 and click ‘find next’ 
This will now highlight the sections of your site that are using the H1 tag 
Follow the same steps for the rest of the tags

Why The H1 Tag is Important?

H1 tag is the most vital header tag of all because it’s the highest level tag that shows the specific description of what a page is about. Search engines sees it over the rest of the tags. It improves your SEO ranking when it is used correctly.

What about the rest of the tags like H2, H3, H4, etc? Are they also Important?
The rest of these tags are also important but search engines gives so much weight to the H1 tag because it boosts your SEO rankings. This doesn’t mean that search engines that’s not see it, it does but it values more on the H1. It is better you think of the rest of the tags as an important way of organizing your article or post. Because when you list expect it, it would give your page a plus in ranking. So don’t forgo them, they are also important.

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