Never Give Up In Blogging Because It Is Not Working

I say thank God for yet another day and a beautiful life of fresh breath that we take. Without Christ Jesus  we would be no one or no more. He has started a work in our lives and He would finish it...... 

Never Give Up In Blogging Because It Is Not Working

There is one thing that we cannot do away with in life... We all have one GOD one mediator (Jesus Christ of Nazareth) and one life to live. The one philosophy people cannot agree with is the fact that we are leaving not for ourselves but for others as well. Let me prove it for you... You are good at something right? May be blogging, designing, creative arts, entrepreneurship and many more that might not have been captured here.

I strongly believe that you cannot say no to this very question. OK now, imagine that you go about doing what you do best and there is nobody to see, feel, congratulate, encourage or may be even buy your idea, do you think you can excel in life? May be not. You see, so you are important and your works are needed, because there are people out there who are looking for your works and one day they would find it and commend you. One of my philosophy in life is that there is one day in every man’s life.

We all have the tendency to dream, set goals and enjoy life right? We all have passion to do something meaningful and achieve something and feel the joy that comes with it right?  But how many of us have the courage to commit to it and peruse those dreams, targets and goals when things are rough and tough and are not going on well as we wish they would. How many could be motivated to move on when everything seems like falling part and the centre of our blog motivation cannot hold?

Change your Motive of Blogging !

I remember when I started blogging, I don’t mean that am perfect now but working towards it and I believe that one day I would be a pro in blogging. I am not only a blogger I have other things that I do. For your knowledge, I am  studying to be a project manager one day but am currently a building technologist and in addition to that I am undergoing a musical career as a Gospel musician. Can you imagine how difficult it is to devote my time into blogging and still I believe I would be a pro blogger one day and be of help to others in the blogging industry.

Like I was saying early on, I start blogging when I was in my high school. I was not introduce to it by a friend or what so ever but I discovered it myself when I was searching for how to make legitimate money online as a teenager. I came across this article that explains so many ways of making money online and one of the ways was blogging. Of all the methods stated in the article, I found blogging as an interesting thing that I needed to try.

I then stated the journey of blogging as a newbie and one of my biggest challenge was getting a perfect niche for my blog. Eventually I stated the blog on my own and going through all the tutorials online to get my blog kicking. This part almost took me a year. Any time a post an article I would get just one page view for more than one week. It was so annoying you can imagine. 

I registered for Google AdSense as I was advice from a blogger friend that, that was how I could make money online. After the registration I was not seeing any improvement so I stated clicking on the Google AdSense ads by myself. Google noticed it and blocked/disable my account. I was so frustrated so I stop blogging for some time. 

The reason why all this happen was that, the main aim why I went into blogging was to make money and nothing else and it shouldn't be so. Blogging is all about helping people with their problems, being a source of answer to questions. And I was copying other bloggers work too. 

Let me cut the story short; I nearly gave up but I said no to myself that if people have been able to make, I can also make it. I put on the spirit of perseverance and in addition, I had to renew my mind and I came back to blogging as I changed my mind to help people and other bloggers out there. I then started a new blog and everything changed

I focused on the dream and followed my bliss regardless of what so ever might come up. Today I can boast of a new gain from blogging even though I not using Google AdSense on my blog. I connected with the passion of helping others. And it has never been the same. Now I see blogging as fun. I have had an overall experience of blogging for two years now. I'm still new in the blogging hemisphere and working hard to become of more help to others out there.

The main thing is focus and make sure your aim is to help others and others would help you and Blogging would be fun for you. From me to you you can make it blogging, if others have made it you too can also make it, it does not matter how far you run in blogging, all that matters is the motive behind your blogging. Set your motives to be right and that is all you need.....
Re-candle your blogging desire .   

Author: This is a  post written by Dok Simon, Am the main Author of Blogging Engage...

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