How You Can Use Your Blog To Make Money Online

Accessibility to free online technology and an increase in people’s IT skills are making it easy for anyone to create their own space on the internet. Blogs can be a fantastic hobby, and a way of making your own online diary and to share your experiences and opinions with others. They can also be a good way to make money. 

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All blogs have the potential to make money. The way you make money will depend on your niche topic, so you need to find the best method for you. These are just some of the ways you can use a blog to increase your income. 

Using Your Blog To Make Money Online

#1. By selling products

Your blog may not make you money in itself but can be a brilliant marketing tool by helping you to reach your target market for products you sell. If you have your own range of products, using your blog is a relatively cheap way of creating interest in your products, and driving traffic to your e-commerce site or eBay store. You don’t even have to handle any of the sales yourself – you could outsource everything to a fulfilment company. Alternatively, you could develop a blog based on your interests, find your audience, and then source relevant products to sell at a profit.  

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#2. By selling advertising space

A blog with a reasonable level of traffic can charge companies for display adverts on the home page, or within targeted content. The rate you can charge depends on your traffic levels, your Page Rank and, ultimately, what a company is prepared to pay for access to your specific audience. Sometimes companies will find you and approach you with an offer for space, and sometimes you will need to do your own selling – usually by email or contact on social media. You should put together a blog media pack so that you can quickly respond to any enquiries, and keep it updated as your blog grows. 

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#3. By writing sponsored content

Increasingly common is the practice of being asked to write and publish content on behalf of a commercial company, either for product awareness, or for keyword links which help the company’s ranking on search engines. This content can be provided by the company, or you may be asked to write it yourself. This is perfectly legal providing you are transparent with your audience about the fact you have received payment to promote something, and you should read the legal guidelines on disclosing a paid-for blog post to your audience. You need to be aware that search engines can impose penalties on sites found to be selling links, but this is not a legal issue, and you should consider the risk to your site’s ranking and reputation when publishing paid-for content.

#4. By running affiliate advertising

By joining an #affiliate network, you can pick and choose ready-made adverts to suit your site. You can choose from a wide range of advertising methods from flash banner adverts to simple text links for a plethora of companies and products to suit your niche. You sign up to an affiliate programme for a specific company, display one of their graphics on your site, or put a link in your content, and you get paid commission on any sales which are generated through referrals from your blog.

You can even place affiliate adverts in your marketing emails and in your social media feeds, subject to the terms of each programme. While affiliate advertising may not make you big bucks, it can be a good passive income for some niches, with little effort or long-term commitment on your part. 

        Which income stream best suits your blog could be trial and error, and putting the feelers out to see who’s interested in your blog and why. In reality, it is likely that you will need a combination of different methods to start making a reasonable amount of money. However, it is almost certain that the best way of making your blog a viable commercial space is to create good content that grows and engages an audience that is interested in your blogging niche, and the related products and services that can be promoted to them. 

Written By: James Hyde , a graduate of Cambridge, he is very passionate about all things web-based. He is the owner of fulfilment company together with James Strachan.  Join Him| Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus|

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