How To Restrict Access To Your Blog Or Make It Private

  Restrict Access To Your Blog Or Make It Private

Not every blog are supposed to be made viewable or even accessible to the public. For instance if you have a family blog about some of your family histories, I guess you wouldn’t allow it to be accessible by the public or may be allow information to get into the wrong hands. Google blogger allows each user to have up to 100 site.

If you are running a public blog site probably like Blogging Engage or any other. You would not just like to place new widget to your main blog straight away, but you would rather like to try it on your demo blog before making it available. As such you are able to know how it would look before applying it to your main blog. This demo blogs are just like a work place where new inventions are tried. As such, many blog owners or developers want to restrict their demo blogs from public users but not from their site contributors and authors so they grant them access. . It is highly recommended that you get a demo blog for your main blog.

Blogger gives you three main options if you want to restrict your blog from the public and they are as follows. Accessible to:

Access to "Anyone"

everybody would read your blog irrespective of where they are coming from. It means it is accessible by the public.) By blogger default the site permission is set to anyone. Giving the public access to your blog site.

Access To"Blog Authors"

Only Blog Authors: This permission only gives authors or contributors of your blog access to view your blog. Which means public cannot have access to it but just the authors of the blog. They would have to sign in before they access the blog.

Access To "Only this readers"

Only These Readers: This option gives access to specific readers you want them to view your blog. Apart from them no one else can view the blog. Until you have granted them access. Authors also get the advantage of view the blog. . Readers can only view this particular blog if only they log in to their Google account. This can be for a group of people who want just their group members to have access to reading the blog.

How Can I Do This?

To be able to have this option activated then you have to log in to your Blogger Account.
Select the particular blog you want this to be activated on.
Go to the setting of the blog.
Select Basics.
And then move on to readers. And select the option that best suits you…..

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