Building or Starting Your Own huge Blogging Career/Business

Building and starting your own huge blogging career/business

Everyone possesses the ability to be a blogger that is to dream, to invent, to create and to capitalize opportunities. And to conceive a great idea for a new blog niche, to create an original based upon a simple but explosive idea. For some of us it might take longer time to develop that ability and it may take more work. For others, it might take little more than the awareness of their own personal strength and weakness to set off the flood of blogging excitements. Blogging is very exciting if only you mean it and ready to devote time into it.

We once again have to say thank God for yet another day and a beautiful life of fresh breath that we take. Without HIM we would be no one or no more. 


In either case, it is necessary for each of us to know that learning to invent, create and conceive an original blogging career is both a process of discovery. It requires the patience necessary to sustain once interest to develop one's skills and awareness.

Actions and Development

Developing one's blogging skills calls for practice. That does not mean that you have to start a blog to develop that skills. It simply means to develop the practice of creating new ideas for your blogging career again and again, just as all inventors and innovators do.All that is required is a fresh newbie blogging mind and slight interest to begin your blogging career.

 As a serious blogger, it is very advisable to set goals for yourself base on your area of interest in the blogging. That is to say the niche you have chosen to blog about.. let say technology, finance or even software or games. There is no short cut to creativity and adding value to one's life. This is simply the desire to express it. once that desire appears you can assured that you have awaken the inner courage that cause huge turn around in your blogging career.

Desire for Blogging

One thing about life activity is that when you are doing something that you do not desire to do, it always has a negative effect on you as a human because you are not always excited doing it as a result  it also affects your blog's growth because people are are expecting so much from you. So it is always advisable to choose a niche you know is of your interest so you would always desire to keep your blog alive. Nobody was born with all information and ideas in their head or mind.. Anything you desire now is something that you have groomed yourself to fall in love with.

Ask yourself some questions

Ask yourself why you are into such a blog niche ? what problems are you going to solve in the lives of others.. That is what blogging is all about (solving problems) or what opportunity are you bringing on board? What is it about blogging that interests and motivates you.

Where should I start from, given all the ideas that you have? what is the most important thing I can do without any extra money? What do I have that I can start the process with? how can I start from where I am now? Most of these questions are very tactical and are mind blowing. If you ask yourself these questions and you are able to give it a positive answer then I believe you are good to go and you fit perfectly in making blogging a career.

Do not tell me you don't have anything. You have something a body, brain and ideas, use them now.

Well done for being on this journey of blogging and opening up to challenge your own thinking that yes you can start a blog without having the ideas but positively if you have then lucky you. 

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