Basic Tips to Make Your Blog and Business Popular and Unique.

It is so exciting to know how popular your blog is gradually becoming. Or basically how popular it is.  Is it hard to maintain a popular blog? How would you answer this question? Could the answer be a simple yes or no or may be have a huge explanation attached to it. .

You are I know the struggle and hard work it is in making our blog or business popular online. It is possible, yes it is. It is not an abstract phenomenon. It is some kind of a stage most dedicated blogs are now. So you can also picture yourself in that level of higher popularity.

Blogging is gradually becoming a better way of carrying information online. It cuts through all the perspective of life, cutting through religion, politics, social, technology, fashion, entertainment and many more areas. But how to we undertake the struggle of gaining popularity of our blogs.

This post states out the basic things we should know and do to help gain popularity of our blog on the internet.

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Basic Tips to Make Your Blog Popular

#1 Your Blog Design should be Unique.

Someone would ask, what is the relationship between popularity and design? The answer is simple. In life people recognize you for your uniqueness and it makes no difference with your blog.  Get a nice, unique template for your blog, you can buy or even contract a developer to design a unique template for you. Your design is your trade mark.

You should probably get a well-designed logo for your blog as it is the only identity factor of a blog from the others. It gives your blog a whole lot range of uniqueness and professionalism. It is also consider as a trade mark more than anything else.

#2 Uniqueness of content and information!

Readers always get attracted to unique content. The uniqueness of content is the key to blogging success. It is always good to consider how you carry out your information, the format it is arranged and the way it is passed. More often than not, readers get excited over the originality of content than the same information everywhere.

Sometimes how you compose your post also adds up to the uniqueness of your content......

#3 Regular updates and involvement 

The regularity of a blog updates shows the seriousness of the blogger. And it attracts readers on your blog knowing very well that there is a pattern of periodic updates. They stick around to know your next move and information you would provide. It makes your blog very familiar and popular.

Get involved in any discussion in your comment forum and lighten up conversions. Try as much as possible to reply any comments that comes in. It creates trust between you are your readers, visitors and friends.

#4 Be Creative with Your Blogging.

As a blogger I have recently noticed that is very good to show your creativity to your readers, share with them your writing creativity, humour, stories and many more. It makes them always feel comfortable around you and trust you in certain things and aspects. Creative blogs attract readers and visitors…

#5. Get involved with the right Search engine optimization (SEO)

Always with the right SEO procedures and tips you can easily gain a lot of credibility from search engines. The principle of SEO is simple but we have decided to make it a big deal for ourselves and at the end we suffer for it... Don’t fall a victim, follow the right steps.

To do a right SEO always make sure that you suggest good and healthy title for your post, articles. It interest readers to read a catchy headlines or titles. Your title should involve better keywords.

Remember it is always recommended that your post should contain more than 500 word count. And always remember to include important keywords in your post. Always do a trending keyword research probably before you publish your next blog post.

#6. Advertise Your Blog.

This part is consider expensive but it would eventually give you the exact result you want. You can advertise using Google Adwords or other advertising companies out there. But I would suggest that before you think of advertising your blog should be worth sticking around with. I guess visitors that arrive to your blog from the advert would be disappointed if what the advert says is not what they are seeing.

You can also consider advertising on others top blogs that offer advertising spaces on their blogs. Or probably on a friends blog.

#7. Join the social media wagon.

The social media is another great way of creating and getting a massive online exposure of your blog or business. Get your blog or business a page on the top social media networks like Facebook, twitters and Pinterest and give your readers the chance to like and follow your pages.

Create or join major groups and share your most recent or old articles with them for awareness, it increases your chance of getting popular.

Remember that it is not a day journey to get popular or probably be a man of the game, it takes time, devotion and dedication to get to that pick. So exercise patient if you are currently not seeing results after your recent moves.

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