7 Main Things I wish I Knew Before I started Blogging

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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

Sometimes we wish we knew more about a particular career, opportunity or even a job that we are about to part take in and devote our time, effort and money (Three resources that works for everybody). But more of the time it does not happen like that. Trying to do something new or may be for the very first time, one might be so excited as to the results of what the outcome could be.

Even though there is an element of unknown as to whether it would succeed or not. We still believe that we could make it, not until we start the whole journey. This aspect of life behaviour can be directed or focused onto blogging. The bone of contention for new bloggers are whether their post would mean something to the reader, how would people even see the post in the first place. Is it worth it to devote my highly esteemed time blogging instead of doing something else?

Nevertheless my friends, it is worth it. One need to know that before the word go, there have been people who have reached there. That is to say, you are not the first person in the blogging industry. There are people who have gone through the jungle of blogging, level so many grounds and cleared some many roads.

These people are out there sharing their blogging experiences, trying to clear the anxiousness in the mind of new bloggers. And setting a mile stone to be traced. Some of them have decided to engage their time to teach new bloggers how to blog and how to set themselves apart. All you need to do is to find them. 

Lets talk here..............................................................................................

As A Blogger You Should Be Sociable; Recommended 

I still remember my good old days when I started blogging in 2012, (became a serious blogger in 2013) it was all fun, and I used to think that the moment I started a blog and published two or three articles that should be all, but the truth is that #Messi alone cannot score a goal when playing against #RealMadrid without passing the football to other players on the pitch. You need to meet people, you need to talk to people, you need to share your opinions to people and you need to be friends with people. This same people are the ones to shoot you up when it so demands it. In life you can’t do away with friends. And expect to get to the top.

Considering this factor you have to take time and build a perfect social media community on networks like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Friendster, Google Plus and many more networks. This same communities would help boost your blogging career and take you to the next level.

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The Path to Success in Blogging Does Not Happen Over Night 

To those of you who are thinking that blogging is an instant money making machine... Am sorry to disappoint you and to tell you that you are in the wrong world. Note that nothing good comes easy in life. Blogging is a very long term investment. And a such should be maintained.

Blogging success does not happen overnight and if you eventually you get to the top, you enjoy the fruit of your hard work. That is an assurance provided you still keep on their fire.

 “Let the little light of yours shine to all” and don’t put it off…

From research and experience, the more article you have published on your blog, the more traffic/visitors your get. I started getting up to 1500 visitors when I had 60 articles published on my blog in one of my blogs. But remember: Most good things don't come easy. And that's okay! Because they are meant to stay………..

Your Published Content Continues To Work for You

Here come the greatest fun of blogging that every blogger should be happy about. Even if you decide to go for a month vacation from blogging, the contents you have published already would still be working for you because it is still on your blog post data base and it is still indexed in google. And people would still be finding it online.

There are businesses out there that you earn money by paying little or more money but on the other hand with blogging, you still earn money whether you go for vacation or not. The fun thing is that you can schedule a post to publish on the date you want it to!!!

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What If I Run Out Of Things to Blog About 

This is one of the biggest fear of new bloggers out there, may be you, right? I use to ask myself these question. And now I have realized that there are so many things out there to always blog about provided you are in a perfect niche. I mean in the category of blogging that you are comfortable with may be Christian, games, sports, technology, food, travel, fashion and many more.

There is always new things in the internet all you need to do is to stay updated and subscribe to your favourite niche. If this is your fear then you don’t have to far any longer. Feel at home my good Friend………..

Don’t Mind Discouraging Comments 

Hello friend, this things are bound to happen, some of the commenter's could be mean sometimes, am not saying that all of them are like that, NO.

Just 2.99% of the commenters are just there to discourage you and make you feel bad, never mind, you just have to focus and continue the good work if you only know what you are doing is good. Otherwise the commenters could be right!! And I wouldn't blame them.

You Need To Have A Marketing And Analysing Skills For Your Blog.

It is not all the time that your writing and editing skills as a blogger counts. You need to be able to market your blog to the outside world. Know what your readers want in your blog and continue and vice versa. You should be able to analyse and find the problems with your blog and solve it.

You should also have a little blogger HTML education so you can edit your template instead of paying someone to do that for you. At least you should be able to install basic widgets on your blog. You need email marketing skills to build email subscribers as well as social media skill to promote your blogging business on social media.

Take Your Blog as Your Business.

I presume that blog goes through the same process as a business procedures, like ......

Getting a perfect name for the blog (Giving your business a name) 
Registering a blog, (registering a business), 
Protecting its interesting (Business policy) 
Getting guest authors (workers)  
Promoting your blog (advertising your business) 

 And many more that I believe merges with each other. And as such you need to treat your blog as your business because the same way you go through pains getting your business or company to stand and make money for you. That same way you can make your website or blog to make money for you. And at the end you would enjoy your blog and eventually have fun blogging……

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