Is Blogging Worth Trying?

I don’t want to bug you with so many sentences and word, I would try to keep it short and simple as much as possible. This could be a very lengthy topic to discuss. 

I would rather say that this is a rhetorical question which answer cannot be predetermined as to whether it is yes or no.  But all I can say is that, it all depends on the time, effort and money you are willing to offer or sacrifice into it. 
Thank God for yet another day with great breath and a wonderful life filled with blessed people like you reading this article. JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth has made all things possible only to those that believe. So you better believe today.... 

People who are willing to make blogging worth it, spend their time, money and effort on their blogs hours after hours because that is way your blogging is going to make money for you in the near future.  One needs money to promote his blog and increase his or her blog’s search engine optimization (SEO) so the blog would be highly ranked. This is an assurance of popularity for your blog. 

With advertising such as banner placement and writing of review or sponsored post on one’s blog, one is assured of great earnings from his or her blog.  Depending on how popular and how much traffic your blogs receives, you might be closely earning up to $4,000 per month for just advertising product on your blog. Irrespective of where you place them. Just that your advertisers would want to get from you an assurance that you blog would be willing to drive them much sales as they expect. At this juncture, do you still think that blogging is worth it? May be yes or no!

Nevertheless, the time, effort and money one would spend on his blog is just not a joke to play with.  You should consider providing your blog with quality original content, you should be able to build a social media network community for your blog, you should be able to market your blog and take it to the next level,  you should be able to rank your blog in all manner of search engines and so on. With the success of this comes a very hard work and sleepless night. 

One of the UK best blogger Matthew Woodward, in ones of his post shows the expenses he made on his blog and the income he received after his hard work and son on. According to the post he published which reveals his expenses and earnings in 12 months. See it below.

Earnings and Expenses TotalOver all income 74,922.27Expenses – $1,588.18

Now you see how it pays to devote your resources into blogging. So many people who can see the future of their blogging business would do anything to shoot it up to that level. Example of such people is Matthew W. I have heard stories of people, who have dropped their current job to take up blogging as a full time business.  And because of the resources they invested into blogging they were able to make it to the top. I am not saying do the same, am just giving the seriousness in blogging and it benefits. You can offer your own in your own very way and still make it blogging.

How Do I Start Blogging?

Like I said from the beginning, I would make it short and concise.  And I wouldn't want to bug you with so many points that you might find hard considering.

Now the best way to evaluate and see how to start your blog is to know what you have fun doing, your favorite niche I mean. I niche is basically a category of blog you want to blog about. May be sports, technology, Christian messages, helping other bloggers, fashion, books, movies, games, reviewing apps and games of smartphones, social, education, business and career, or even politics. There are so many niche to choose from and all depends on your personality. What you enjoying reading or writing.

After you have chosen that, then the next thing to do is to choose a blog platform to blog with may be or, There are some post or articles out there that would give you the benefits of these two platform, just search for blogger VS. WordPress. Read them and make your choice but I suggest as a new blogger, is to go for because its blogging platform is easy to handle and learn. 

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Install Your Custom Template in Blogger

Here comes another newbie tips all for bloggers using the Google blogger platform. Just in case you need to know, I consider blogger one of the best blogging platform out there that anybody at all could easily learn how to do things. It is a hassle free platform where all most everything is free. You don’t really have to think of buying a domain name from the start if you can’t afford it. With the Google blogger all one needs to do is just to sign up for the services and start enjoying the full benefits of blogging... 

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There are quite a number of good developers out there that are very professional with their work, designing nice, beautiful and responsive blogger template mostly for free. However, hassle free blogger might be one needs to get for himself a very nice template whether free or paid to make readers see the seriousness in his blogging career.

Bloggers are well judged by their seriousness depending on the professional arrangement of their blog template. So many bloggers invest a lot of money to make their template more appealing and beautiful to the eye. It also makes advertisers see how serious you are with your blogging. Most publishers consider design to approve members to its publisher’s team...

Today we are going to learn how to upload your own custom template in blogger. Blogger supports template in the format of XML, Apart from this there is absolutely no other format blogger supports.

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Uploading a Custom Template in Blogger.

#1  Choosing a Professional Blogger Template!

The first step has to do with choosing a professional template you know suits your niche, you have to choose a blog template that is search engine friendly, fully optimized for search engine. There are so many site online that provides you with free and paid professional search engine friendly blogger template. Example is, and many others... Find them.

#2 How to upload or Install Template in Blogger?

Now we presume you have got a nice template already and you are ready to have it uploaded to your blogger. Make sure the template you are downloading is in XML format. More a time’s, developers archive them in a WinRAR file format so it would contain other document such as  instruction on how you can easily edit  and install it. If you downloaded just the XML, then good you can go ahead and upload the xml immediately. But if on the contrary you downloaded a WinRAR file format, you should go ahead and extract the files and look out for the .xml file. (Download a WinRAR extractor here

Login to your blogger dashboard. (
Select the particular blog you wish to change its template.
Go to Template from the menu option just at the left side bar. 
Click on the Backup/Restore button located just at the top right corner of window/screen as shown in the image below.
[ >> Template >> Backup/Upload]

When you click on the button a new window would pop up as shown in the image below. Click “Choose file” and locate where your .xml template file is. Select it. And click on the “Upload” button. 

Once you have been able to do this successfully, you blog template should be up and running just immediately after a successful install. … If in case you want to edit your template just follow the step below to get to where HTML code is and edit them

[ >> Template >> Edit HTML]

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Ways To Improve Your Blogging And Writing Skills

Writing is a skill that needs to be developed over time. No one on this planet earth was born with the 100% excellent writing skills. It was develop and as such it was learnt. As a blogger, it is very beneficial you write your blogs in English so that your readers can understand your works, post or article if I should put it that way. To be able to develop a strong writing skills, it requires lot and lots of practice and determination. Anybody at all can be a good writer if only they are determined to be.

I thank GOD for yet another day and a great life. Through his son JESUS Christ of Nazareth to share this tips with you                                                                                                                      
They are so many reason why people would love or need to develop their writing skills, it could be that, they want to take an English class, may be they want to reply to emails and so on, or even may be they want to be a pro blogger someday. 
Anyone one who agrees to the fact that he or she is a writer, checking his or her background would reveal that, they engage themselves reading journals, magazines, blogs, newspapers, and even books to improve upon their writing skills may be on a daily basis. And they might also engage themselves in days and days of practice in writing.

I am not saying that I am an excellent writer but I always subject myself to further education to make sure I improve myself in everything I do.

To further subject you for more education, here are some techniques to help you improve your writing skills. I bet you these techniques are true because I engage myself practicing some of them and am seeing changes in my writing skills in general.

Keep a note or a journal

A journal or a note is a piece of book where you write up your ideas. It is a place where you write some of your new ideas in and try to explain them for further understanding anytime you read it again. By keeping all your writing in one place, one would easily see how he is improving. You never can tell. Your idea jotted in the journal could be the next best-selling business or brands.

You could participate in writing exercises.

There are resources online such as Writer's Digest, that provide you with writing exercise to undertake. These could be the first or best way you could ever improve your writing skills online. You could also give yourself a story line and write about it…..

Read a lot.

It is very important I mention that you read, it is one of the best ways to learn how to write because you read peoples write up and you pick up lesson from it. The tenses, the grammar, the phrases, the sentences and even more. All this things add up in your brain and mind and builds you up in writing.

Comment on your Favourite blog post and articles.

Commenting is one of the best avenue of sharing your thoughts about a post or article that you have read. Challenge yourself to write a long comment, try as much as possible for the comment to be very informative and contributive. In as such that it would make sense to anybody that reads it. Always write a decent comment as it makes you noticed by others commenter and even the author.

Join a writer's group.

One of the greatest thing to do is to join a group that you know would help you improve your writing skills. Don’t be shy to share your content with peoples.  This people would be the same people to read and correct you if you are wrong with your article. And eventually help you reach your target.

Practice Writing Daily 

The more you devote your time writing almost every day they more you cultivate the habit of writing and the more you grow some love for writing. Your gradual process of seriousness would eventually pay off with an increasing skills in writing. Something you are dedicated to do is something that you would eventually succeed in. You cannot write awesome post and articles if you never try.

Use Online Resources to Correct your Grammar

Your grammar is one thing that makes your article or post very interesting and as such you have to devote more time checking for grammatical errors and so on. You can use these online resource to easily check for your grammar Grammarly,  GrammarCheck this tools would help you answer a grammatical question when it comes up.

Allow Your Friend Edit Your Writing

You can make one of your closest friend whom you know he or she is good in English check out your work and make corrections for you if there are any. The bottom line is don’t be shy of correction from your friend. 

Eventually Show off your Writing

As a desired writer, you should write up to 700 to 1000 words a day, try to see the improvement of your writing skills by writing five to six articles every day that is to say you can write one article every day. Becoming an excellent writer is not an impossible mission for you for anyone at all. It just requires devotion of time and determination and the spirit of a writer to achieve such goals or dreams... As a blogger your writing skills is highly recommended and it is highly checked and noted. 

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In this post am only going to share with you what I learnt and my experience with setting up blogger with Godaddy successfully with no problem. I want you to have the same experience. So lets do this together.

Special Tip: Your seriousness as a blogger is measured base on your own paid domain, Most advertisers consider routined site with a decent paid top domains !!

Special Information:  Godaddy has been my domain and hosting Company  for sometime now and I don't have any problem with Them...I recommend them for you 

First Step #1 Get A Godaddy Account By Buying a Domain!!

First Of all, You Have To Sign Up With Godaddy And Buy A Domain With Them. They Are Actually The Cheapest And Most Reliable Web Hosting Company That I Know Of For Now. and I can guarantee you of excellence working with them..   

Are you ready to start? We are going to take you through a step by step procedure with pictures of how you can buy a domain with Godaddy. So sit back and relax and follow the step one after the other..don't miss anything.....

Now  To get started, Click  BUY A DOMAIN NOW  ! and a new tab would open ! and it would look like what you see in the image below.

Type the domain name you want for your site and click search to see whether or not someone is using it. If it is not available then someone is using it, don't worry type and search for another one.. 

And if it is available lucky you, A list of other domain options like .com, .net, .org and many more would be suggested with different price log. Select the one that best suits you you money level and proceed to the next step  !! 

The cart continues to a next stage where you have three options to choose from.. Let me explain them to you. Please don't select any of them if you only want to buy a domain.. If you have ticked one already, you can untick it by clicking on it again.

Step 1 : This option seeks to protect your personal information from appearing on the internet. informations such as the Registrars name, email, and phone number for a fee of $7.99 per domain. you can choose to select no if you don't have the money.. 

Step 2. ask you whether you want the domain for a website plus a hosting or just hosting, Don't click on any of them, leave it blank. if you have check any of them you can uncheck it by clicking on it again!!!

Step 3 : seeks to add a custom email Address to your website domain that would look like this
for a fee of $4.99 per month... If you don't need it just select "No thanks"

When all this has been selected click on continue to cart below.

Remove all the product that you don't need but has be added, it only adds to the figure of the domain.. you see the spot  circled with a red outline polygon, you can remove the any product that you don't need by clicking on the remove there !!.. Also remember to set your domain to the number of years you want.. After all, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT

Since you are new with Godaddy just click on the New customer (Continue button) and proceed to checkout...

The next page that opens would bring you a form where you have to enter your information containing Billing Information, Account Information and  Payment Information.. make sure you enter the correct information and credit card details. Remember that your security code is the last 3 digit number located on the back of your card on or above your signature line...After filling the informations, click on continue to proceed.....

Once you have placed your order correctly, click on continue and finally you have bought a domain with Godaddy, Let me be the first to congratulate you on your paid domain !! After your purchase you would have to confirm your purchase. Godaddy would send a message with a confirmation link to the email you used to register. Check your inbox and activate.. And you are done...

Now let's move on to How to set it up with blogger, just follow the step correctly and your blog would be running in no time with you top domain name.

How To Set up A Blogger Custom Domain With Godaddy Purchased Domain.

STEP 1   Lets believe you have a blogger account and you have bought a domain from Godaddy already. That makes things simple and short for us. Please head over to your blogger settings menu and try to add a custom domain you just bought from Godaddy. Let’s say  in the box that would open after clicking on Add a third party domain.

Step 2:  If you do the previous step successfully, you would get an error text that looks like the one below. It just simply requires you to do certain setting to your Godaddy DNS settings.

Look just closely to the bottom of the whole coloured box, you would find a link that ask you to download “DNS settings file”. Click and download the file. Keep the file in a directory where you can easily access it when needed.

Step 3: Now, you are half done with the Google blogger. Head on to your Godaddy account and launch the domain you wish to configure with your blogger blog.

Step 4: If you have arrived here successfully then click on the "DNS Zone File" tab. And click on the Use classic DNS Manager

Step 5: We are going to delete the default record settings of your domain, locate them using the image below. On the A record column (first column), we need to delete the “@ that points to their host IP.

Secondly, go to the second column with CNAME (Alias). Locate the “www points to @” and delete it. After you delete you might want to save the progress, but not important now.

Step 6: Press the "Save Zone File" button if you want to save your progress at this point. Press Ok to any window that pops up to confirm.

Step 7: If we have gotten here, wow! You have done a great job. Now let’s try to add our own new records from our blogger to the settings. Click on the Import/Export button and select "Import".  Remember the file we saved from the beginning, now is time to locate it.


Click on the "Choose File" and find the file we have saved from the beginning and then tick the "I understand." checkbox and press the Ok button to continue….. Press ok to any other window that pops up again.

Step 8: If you have successfully done everything as described, you should be able to see your new records added to GoDaddy DNS settings. For both the “A" and two CNAME records…… Great work, I must commend you…….


Step 9: Now, it seems to me that we are done with Godaddy, let’s move to our blogger. I suppose you didn’t close the blogger tab, if you have, don’t worry just open a new one and still go to the settings menu of the particular blog you want to apply a top domain to. Type your domain name in the empty box starting with www. And save it.

Step 10: This is the final work or step to be done and you can have your blog to be online with your new top paid domain. After you have saved your progress, click on edit as shown in the image. And tick on the redirect checkbox and save your progress.

It can take up to 48h for DNS settings to be properly propagated. So don’t worry. You can be lucky like me and it would start running in minutes.That is all, you are done view your blog with a new domain.

Thanks for staying with me through all the tutorial. Happy blogging and enjoy your new domain…. If you still have problem let me now…………,,,,,

Inspiration for Your Next Blog Post !

On a recent episode of the +Nerdist podcast, actor/musician Jared Leto talked about walking away from acting after the success of hit TV show “My So Called Life.” He mentioned that he wanted to go out and experience the world, to “have something to say.”

The is no greater testimony that to stand among the living and as such give Glory to whom Glory is due. In Christ is life and the life is the light of men.......John 1:4

I thought this was rather poignant, and a point many never consider. I think everyone could take a lesson from Jared, no matter what industry you work in. In Press release, and particularly blogging, though, I think its extra important, and a lesson many writers should pay attention to.

# Experiences

Getting actual, real life experience cannot be understated. Its one thing to talk about things that happen in the world and yet another to actually experience them and recount them first-hand. It gives you a whole new perspective on even the simplest of matters.

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Let’s say your business is in table making. Woodworking conferences and meet-ups are common, and members love to get together to talk about the craft and discuss different methods and updates to technology. On the other hand, there are others who wish to stay closed off to the rest of the industry.

Which is fine, of course, if you want to stay on the same path you’re on. But blogging is all about growth and making a better world for your business. Even if you don’t end up using any of these methods you learn at the conference, just meeting new people and experiencing the event will be worth talking about. Others in the woodworking/furniture or any kind of industry would love to read about your experience.

Furthermore, you’re likely to encounter others at this conference you can talk with further online. They may also have blogs and such where you can connect and keep the conversation going and promote each other’s campaigns.

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# Expert in the Field

One of the grandest goals you can have for your PR campaign is that you (and your company) become an expert in the field or industry. If you write enough about woodworking and making tables, providing readers with fresh, unique, relatable content for a long enough time, you’ll eventually be seen as the go-to person. Readers will know to expect good stuff every time they open your blog page.

But providing this unique perspective on the industry and life in general doesn't come out of nowhere. No matter how introverted you are, you've got to get out there in the world. Even if it’s only long enough to meet some new people and have just one new thing to say, it will be worth your time.

You never know: after you do this enough and establish yourself as an expert, you may be able to do this full time. You could travel around the country heading up workshops and panels about making tables and how you arrived at your unique perspective on the industry as a whole. Meanwhile your company reaps all the benefits as they associate your expertise with the business. Or you could use it all to make better tables, whichever.

Do you think it’s vital for bloggers to get out in the world more?

Author: Mickie Kennedy, He is the main author of PR Fuel and founder of the eReleases netwok.. Join Him |Twitter | facebook | Linkedln | Google plus

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It is so exciting to know how popular your blog is gradually becoming. Or basically how popular it is.  Is it hard to maintain a popular blog? How would you answer this question? Could the answer be a simple yes or no or may be have a huge explanation attached to it. .

You are I know the struggle and hard work it is in making our blog or business popular online. It is possible, yes it is. It is not an abstract phenomenon. It is some kind of a stage most dedicated blogs are now. So you can also picture yourself in that level of higher popularity.

Blogging is gradually becoming a better way of carrying information online. It cuts through all the perspective of life, cutting through religion, politics, social, technology, fashion, entertainment and many more areas. But how to we undertake the struggle of gaining popularity of our blogs.

This post states out the basic things we should know and do to help gain popularity of our blog on the internet.

God is so wonderful for making all things new and beautiful through Christ Jesus who stands for you and me. You are blessed to be blessed from a blessed one.........

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Basic Tips to Make Your Blog Popular

#1 Your Blog Design should be Unique.

Someone would ask, what is the relationship between popularity and design? The answer is simple. In life people recognize you for your uniqueness and it makes no difference with your blog.  Get a nice, unique template for your blog, you can buy or even contract a developer to design a unique template for you. Your design is your trade mark.

You should probably get a well-designed logo for your blog as it is the only identity factor of a blog from the others. It gives your blog a whole lot range of uniqueness and professionalism. It is also consider as a trade mark more than anything else.

#2 Uniqueness of content and information!

Readers always get attracted to unique content. The uniqueness of content is the key to blogging success. It is always good to consider how you carry out your information, the format it is arranged and the way it is passed. More often than not, readers get excited over the originality of content than the same information everywhere.

Sometimes how you compose your post also adds up to the uniqueness of your content......

#3 Regular updates and involvement 

The regularity of a blog updates shows the seriousness of the blogger. And it attracts readers on your blog knowing very well that there is a pattern of periodic updates. They stick around to know your next move and information you would provide. It makes your blog very familiar and popular.

Get involved in any discussion in your comment forum and lighten up conversions. Try as much as possible to reply any comments that comes in. It creates trust between you are your readers, visitors and friends.

#4 Be Creative with Your Blogging.

As a blogger I have recently noticed that is very good to show your creativity to your readers, share with them your writing creativity, humour, stories and many more. It makes them always feel comfortable around you and trust you in certain things and aspects. Creative blogs attract readers and visitors…

#5. Get involved with the right Search engine optimization (SEO)

Always with the right SEO procedures and tips you can easily gain a lot of credibility from search engines. The principle of SEO is simple but we have decided to make it a big deal for ourselves and at the end we suffer for it... Don’t fall a victim, follow the right steps.

To do a right SEO always make sure that you suggest good and healthy title for your post, articles. It interest readers to read a catchy headlines or titles. Your title should involve better keywords.

Remember it is always recommended that your post should contain more than 500 word count. And always remember to include important keywords in your post. Always do a trending keyword research probably before you publish your next blog post.

#6. Advertise Your Blog.

This part is consider expensive but it would eventually give you the exact result you want. You can advertise using Google Adwords or other advertising companies out there. But I would suggest that before you think of advertising your blog should be worth sticking around with. I guess visitors that arrive to your blog from the advert would be disappointed if what the advert says is not what they are seeing.

You can also consider advertising on others top blogs that offer advertising spaces on their blogs. Or probably on a friends blog.

#7. Join the social media wagon.

The social media is another great way of creating and getting a massive online exposure of your blog or business. Get your blog or business a page on the top social media networks like Facebook, twitters and Pinterest and give your readers the chance to like and follow your pages.

Create or join major groups and share your most recent or old articles with them for awareness, it increases your chance of getting popular.

Remember that it is not a day journey to get popular or probably be a man of the game, it takes time, devotion and dedication to get to that pick. So exercise patient if you are currently not seeing results after your recent moves.

“I'm wondering what other people think about this information. Tell me about your experience in the comments below. lets have a conversion”

Accessibility to free online technology and an increase in people’s IT skills are making it easy for anyone to create their own space on the internet. Blogs can be a fantastic hobby, and a way of making your own online diary and to share your experiences and opinions with others. They can also be a good way to make money. 

Don't let yesterday failures bankrupt your tomorrow's effort and happiness

All blogs have the potential to make money. The way you make money will depend on your niche topic, so you need to find the best method for you. These are just some of the ways you can use a blog to increase your income. 

Using Your Blog To Make Money Online

#1. By selling products

Your blog may not make you money in itself but can be a brilliant marketing tool by helping you to reach your target market for products you sell. If you have your own range of products, using your blog is a relatively cheap way of creating interest in your products, and driving traffic to your e-commerce site or eBay store. You don’t even have to handle any of the sales yourself – you could outsource everything to a fulfilment company. Alternatively, you could develop a blog based on your interests, find your audience, and then source relevant products to sell at a profit.  

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#2. By selling advertising space

A blog with a reasonable level of traffic can charge companies for display adverts on the home page, or within targeted content. The rate you can charge depends on your traffic levels, your Page Rank and, ultimately, what a company is prepared to pay for access to your specific audience. Sometimes companies will find you and approach you with an offer for space, and sometimes you will need to do your own selling – usually by email or contact on social media. You should put together a blog media pack so that you can quickly respond to any enquiries, and keep it updated as your blog grows. 

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#3. By writing sponsored content

Increasingly common is the practice of being asked to write and publish content on behalf of a commercial company, either for product awareness, or for keyword links which help the company’s ranking on search engines. This content can be provided by the company, or you may be asked to write it yourself. This is perfectly legal providing you are transparent with your audience about the fact you have received payment to promote something, and you should read the legal guidelines on disclosing a paid-for blog post to your audience. You need to be aware that search engines can impose penalties on sites found to be selling links, but this is not a legal issue, and you should consider the risk to your site’s ranking and reputation when publishing paid-for content.

#4. By running affiliate advertising

By joining an #affiliate network, you can pick and choose ready-made adverts to suit your site. You can choose from a wide range of advertising methods from flash banner adverts to simple text links for a plethora of companies and products to suit your niche. You sign up to an affiliate programme for a specific company, display one of their graphics on your site, or put a link in your content, and you get paid commission on any sales which are generated through referrals from your blog.

You can even place affiliate adverts in your marketing emails and in your social media feeds, subject to the terms of each programme. While affiliate advertising may not make you big bucks, it can be a good passive income for some niches, with little effort or long-term commitment on your part. 

        Which income stream best suits your blog could be trial and error, and putting the feelers out to see who’s interested in your blog and why. In reality, it is likely that you will need a combination of different methods to start making a reasonable amount of money. However, it is almost certain that the best way of making your blog a viable commercial space is to create good content that grows and engages an audience that is interested in your blogging niche, and the related products and services that can be promoted to them. 

Written By: James Hyde , a graduate of Cambridge, he is very passionate about all things web-based. He is the owner of fulfilment company together with James Strachan.  Join Him| Twitter | Facebook | Google Plus|

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Using Header Tags to Improve Search Engine Ranking (SEO)

In this post we are going to learn how we can use header tags to improve search engine rankings. . Before we proceed we are going to look at what a header is or heading means.  A heading is a piece of information that explains a format of context in one sentence of phrase. Usually, a heading is always a phrase but carries information about a piece of work. And the piece of work or context then justifies the headings.

Thank GOD for such a wonderful day as this.. Everyday has been blessed by GOD but you are the final determinant of the fulfilment of the blessing.............

Header tags are pieces of HTML that makes headings or words stand out in a post, page or article. To better understand how the heard tag works, let me give an instance that everybody applies when reading a piece of article or newspaper. Imagine you are reading a newspaper, there are bold title with specific font size may be underlined and given a different colour. These features makes the title or that particular phrase stand out and makes it more important and catchy. And consequently it catches your attention to read it. 

Similar to that, the header tags places the same role, it makes it possible to your readers to know what the post, article or page is all about. It also make it possible for search engine to see how important the page is. When used together with page title, Meta description and important keyword that is targeted to your content, it helps search engines improve your ranking for specific phrases and keyword.

How Search Engines Read Headings

There are different ways Search engines prioritize the importance of headings and as such it is very vital to use correct headings at correct points and sections.   The results of using a web accessibility tool-bar would reveal how properly a header tag is being used.
The image below represents it…….

The title of the post, article or page should be present. The header tags are properly positioned from the H1 (the title of the page) and the rest of the tags following in order of sequence and importance. 

The header tag H1 is one of the most important tag as it show Search engine what the page is talking about. As such, it should not be used more than once. But H2, H3, H4 and the rest can be used more than once. 

Format of The header tag 
<H1> Using Header Tags to Improve Search Engine Ranking (SEO)</H1>

The hierarchy at which header tags should be used …..

How To See if my site Uses H1 Tags Headings and the rest?

Open your web Internet browser  
Visit the URL of the page you want to check for 
Click ‘view’ then ‘source.’ A new window will open displaying the HTML code 
Click ‘edit’ then ‘find.’ 
Type in <h1 and click ‘find next’ 
This will now highlight the sections of your site that are using the H1 tag 
Follow the same steps for the rest of the tags

Why The H1 Tag is Important?

H1 tag is the most vital header tag of all because it’s the highest level tag that shows the specific description of what a page is about. Search engines sees it over the rest of the tags. It improves your SEO ranking when it is used correctly.

What about the rest of the tags like H2, H3, H4, etc? Are they also Important?
The rest of these tags are also important but search engines gives so much weight to the H1 tag because it boosts your SEO rankings. This doesn’t mean that search engines that’s not see it, it does but it values more on the H1. It is better you think of the rest of the tags as an important way of organizing your article or post. Because when you list expect it, it would give your page a plus in ranking. So don’t forgo them, they are also important.