Things To Consider When Doing a Self Assessment.

Things One should  Consider When Doing a Self Assessment.

Self-assessment is one of the first step of the career planning process that no one can do away with, It is the process of gathering information about yourself in order to get a well-informed career decision.

I recommend self-assessment more frequently than ever, but most people resist this step. When one is unemployed or fearing lay-off, the time is right for reassessing current skills talents, abilities, strengthens, weaknesses, interests, and work values. If you are not doing it, better think of starting from this point. A comprehensive self-assessment should always include the following


When someone says interests, what exactly comes into your mind? If you care to know, every human has an interest. That in a case makes every human being or group of people unique. This interest defines who you are and answers the question to the things you enjoy doing. What are the things you do and enjoy most, like they are part of you? Those things are classified as your interest inventory.


Every human or person has a set of values that are reflected in their job for work to be very fulfilling and rewarding. This is one of the most important aspect of work that makes every person enjoy what they do. You set your values to your standard in relations to your interest. If you don’t take your values into considerations probably when planning your career. There is a larger chance that you will not enjoy your job and might not end up very well. That is why it is very important to consider all these factors when planning for your career or company.


People with certain personality are best described for certain jobs or positions. You can’t imagine someone who is an introvert (cool personality) who might not like speaking in the public to do a public campaign for you.
Likewise, you can’t see an extrovert do otherwise or be confined in cool place. Basically, when you determine where you fall within the introvert and extrovert, you would be able to know or determine the kind of career that would best suit you.


Skill is basically know to be something you acquired through education, work experience or even  job training, or it can be the result of an ability that you have had for some time. Simply stated, skills can be a learned something or as a result of natural gift or having some special know how knowledge of doing things or understanding things and situation.

In addition, it is clearly a time to re-examine accomplishments and achievements, particularly those that may be relevant to a prospective employer.

I recommend keeping an on-going accomplishment file in which to maintain such items as articles, congratulatory letters, kudos from the boss or clients/ customers, 360 evaluations of successful activities as they occur. In the course of this daily business life, one often forgets those notable success

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Editor’s note: This is a post written by John Davidson [Blogging Engage], the author of the post elaborates the points to be considered when someone is doing self assessment and the essences of doing a self assessment 

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