How to set Your Blog To Automatically Update Your Google Plus profile After Your Post Update

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How to set Your Blog To Automatically Update Your Google Plus profile After Your Post Update

Some months back I used to think it would be virtually impossible for bloggers to automatically update their Google plus profile after their blog update. Just few months ago, Google made it known to us that we can now automatically share our post to 
Google+ publicly just as soon as they are published on our site, It has be made possible by default in your blogger dashboard but made you have not enabled it on your blog. Don't worry we would do that together right now. 

Could there be a reason why this has to be like that ? For the record, some time back I remember that any time we publish a post we share it on Google plus manually by ourselves but now things has change, This is possibly to make blogging enjoyable to those who are serious with blogging. I need not to mention about the ability of this Google plus community generating huge traffic to your blog or website. For your information, If am not mistaking everybody in the blogging industry has a Google plus profile and some number of circle friends which increases the visibility of your updates.

To make everything simple and short we are going to learn how we can make this possible. The first thing you should probably think of doing is to link your blogger account with your Google+ profile because that alone would enable this feature. To do this, simply go to the  top right corner of your Blogger dashboard, click the Wrench button and then select Revert to Google+ Profile. as shown in the image below... Once it is done, you would then be enabled to use Google+ this procedure is for Google blogger users only ....

After connecting your profile to Google+ by doing the previous task, just  select the blog you want the effect to work on and look out for the “Google+” Tab, tick the box section that says Automatically share after posting as shown in the image below !!

Should in case you want to avoid sharing posts on Google+  probably the next time you publish a post, then you can unchecked or unpick this feature from the Google+ tab located in your blogger Dashboard as you can see in the image above..

If you are able to do this then congratulations your post would now be automatically published on Google+ 

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