How To Add A Simple Flat UI Email Subscription Box For Blogger

We thank God for yet another day made possible through His Son JESUS CHRIST. (John 3:16) .. The same God has made the sun and the rain to shower upon both the rich and the poor, the righteous and the sinner. So in all we give HIM the praises because HIS Grace and Mercy is sufficient for all that acknowledge His presence.

Today, we are going to talk about how we can add this wonderful widget to our blogger blog. One might ask, what is the essence of this widget? Not everyone in the blogging hemisphere knows what this widget is used for. In that sense, am privilege to explain things to them for better understanding?

 Basically, this widget allows visitors of your website or blog who wants to keep up to date with your blog post or website updates to stay in-touch with you by merely subscribing to your feed using this wonderful widget. so any time your blog is updated, they get a mail in their box letting them know that you have updated your blog and it would trigger them to visit your blog or website.

With this, one can get a very unique massive traffic depending on the number of email subscribers you have been able to accumulate. and the ability of someone to subscribe on your feed depends on the seriousness and originality of your work. If can offer them what they want, tell me why would they stay clued to you?

To add and experience the new wonderful blogger email subscription widget just follow the methods below and place it on your blog and start giving your audience the chance to subscribe to your blog or website feed.

Method on How to Add This in Your Blog?

1.   First of all log in to your blogger dashboard

2.   Navigate To the blog you want to make changes to and go to Layout >> Add a Gadget

3.   Choose HTML/JavaScript

4.   Paste The Following Code in Content Box.
    5.    Now change BloggingEngage with your feed id.

    6.    Locate this on the 21st line   { <input type="hidden" value="BloggingEngage'' } Only change       
    the BloggingEngage and nothing else.

    7   Locate this on the 15th line { } Only change the BloggingEngage to your feed title or ID and nothing else. 

    8.  Save it and you are done....  

      Hope you found this post useful and in case  you have any other problems or questions, please don't hesitate in asking in the comment box below. Thank You

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