Can My Website or Blog Be Infected With Malware or Virus ?

Can My Website Or Blog Be Infected With A Malware Or Virus ? 

Can My Website or Blog Be Infected With Malware or Virus? The question is very simple, and it goes like whether your website or blog can be infected by malware literally what we call a virus in an ordinary computer's language.

Today we unearth the mystery of malware infection on our website or blog. It is better to watch out than to have yourself victimized. Before we can proceed. I believe we would want to know what a malware is. Is it different from the one that infects our various Computers and Smartphones?

What Is A Malware Or Virus ?

From the best of my knowledge and from researches that I have made on this particular topic, Malware is basically define as malicious codes which has the ability to mess up with the original functionalities of a website or a blog. Once it finds a way into your blog or website they look out for very sensitive and important information depending on the way it was programmed.

How Does It Enter Blogs Or Websites ?

Many of you might be wondering how this self-destructive code or virus gets into our websites or blog. Worry less, it is just before your very own nose. Look no further it is right close to you. This virus gets into our system when we install on our website or blog third party widgets as well as plugins that has been programmed to function as a malware by the writer. We install this on our system without know the kind of script that makes us the widget or plugin. In as much as it has been promised to work as specified, it carries this code along with it so you hardly notice it presence.

Why Do Hackers Do This?

Hackers normally do this because they simply want to take advantage of your site’s traffic and real-estate by inserting links which point to their porn or pharmacy or other scam websites. Or may be to destroy your site forever.

The Effects Of Malware !!

It is very unfortunate when A website has be infect with malware, It effect can be ranged from financial ruin, personal data theft, annoying pop up window and many more which is very detrimental to the health of your site SEO (Search engine Organics), If this is detected by search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., your website can be blacklisted in other the say to protect other customers. If you have been blacklisted say by Google Safe Browsing, every visitor that is trying to reach your website will usually see a warning message!!!!

How Do I Detect Whether My Website Or Blog Is Infected With Malware ?

Fortunately there are Site Scanners which provide an easy-to-use service which will scan your site for the latest malware threats and feed you information on the results of the scan. Scanning your website at least once daily or weekly for malware or virus is very advisable because it serves you like having a burglar alarm for your website or blog.

Site For Scanning For Malware Or Virus On Your Site !!

Sucuri provides you with a free online check of your site for malware scripts placed on your blog or website and list out basic information about the check. It also had a premium version which can scan your site on daily basis automatically and report you instantly to you mail when found any malware script.

Virustotal is the product of Google, it is actually a free service which analyzes your blogs for suspicious files and URLS. It also detects viruses, Trojans, worms and of course all types of malware. and Select the URL tab and insert your blog URL in the text box, then press scan it button rest will be done by Virustotal.

What Can I Do If I Detect Virus Or Malware On My Site ?

If your site has been hacked and consequently, it is infected with virus or malware, one of the important things to do is to take action to clean up your site as soon as possible by removing suspected widget from your HTML source code so you can minimize the damage caused especially with the negative aspect of your site rank, traffic rate and may be your income stream.

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