Best Tips on How to Write 100% wonderful Original and Unique Content for blog and website

I thank God for yet another day. With an opportunity to share with you this piece of information. It is not much though but I believe it would make a difference in your blogging or web mastering career!!!

I know very well that sometimes we cannot claim originality of some of our works and as such we need to make them look original. Now the question right now is.. How is that possible? or How can we do that? 

I would tell you... I always say that just a human being can not be a bank of all information. In effect to that we are just like information conveyors. If not, how would you explain your local television station broadcasting the same news from BBC or even Al-Jazeera? 

Today we are going to learn how we can make our content original even though we are not the first handler of the information. It is not a magic so don't think am sharing content magic with you, These tips am sharing are just some basic tips some major bloggers and many organizations uses to carry out their information without making it look like it is a copy and paste. 

 #1. The first thing that comes in your mind should be the title of the article you are about to write on. If you are going to write on the same thing you think you have seen somewhere, then you might as well think of re-framing the title of the content or information. Let’s take for instance you, you have a title like: tips on growing maize you can re-frame it to basic tips on how you can grow maize successfully. Does it look the same? NO, does it carry the same information? Yes. With this you are done with the first step.

 #2. Now let’s move on to the body of the content. This is where the work lies on but you can do it, it is not that difficult. The first thing to do is to read the information and understand to better explain it to someone else. Extend your knowledge on that specific topic by reading other information from different sources. And at the end combined all the information you have gather an construct your own very new content out of what you have read.. This bottom line is that DON'T BE LAZY........

 #3. Give sub headings to your information if so demands it and try to create bulletin if you are going to state out some points. Totally change the outlook of the content. Highlight them if possible. 4. You can search for a perfect image that suits your information or better still create one all by yourself to make it look more original. Please,

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If you have any question or comment do well to drop it below using the comment box.... Helps us by sharing this content ....Once again thank you for passing by.

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