How To Install and Use Whatsapp On your Computer For Free Using Bluestack

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How To Install and Use Whatsapp On your Computer For Free Using Bluestack
Whatsapp has become one of the best leading social messenger apps on your smartphone, and it is really growing fast, almost everyone is using Whatsapp to satisfy their social needs of chatting. One of the disadvantage of this is that it can’t run on a computer for those who do not have smartphones to enjoy and have a feel of it. I used to look for ways to Whatsapp on my PC but to no avail until recent I post that explains why and how to do it. In this article am going to share with you how we can install and use it on our various computers whether desktop or a laptop. All you need to do is just to follow the procedure enlisted below.
It hasn't still be possible to download Whatsapp straight forward onto your computer, but with the help of an application called Bluestacks and Youwave we can boast of having Whatsapp installed on our computer and also enjoy the feel of chatting. This application allows you to do all things Whatsapp does on smartphone on your computer, there is absolutely no difference. and it is free!!

Please Follow These Procedures

First of all you need to download the software from website make sure to download the right one depending on your operating system, whether is Mac or Windows
Once you have downloaded and installed it please follow the procedure enlisted below to install and use the whatsapp.

First Step

After you have successfully downloaded the software, install it and open your Bluestack software already installed application.on your computer desktop

Step Two

After a successful install, open the app and look out for a search bar at the top right corner of the software and type Whatsapp as shown in the image below. A suggested marketplace would show up, just select one to continue.

Step Three

After the pop out of the search results select one that best suits whatsapp description by clicking on it..and see it install directly....

Step Four

After the application has fully downloaded and installed automatically on your bluestack, open it and a window like the image shown below would appear requiring you to verify your phone number. An SMS with a code would be sent to you on your phone. Type in the code as it appears on your phone as shown in the image below ( please remember to select your country code and type your number correctly)

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