The Importance Of Social Media

The Importance Of Social Media

When we look at how to market a website it is important that we consider how our target users use the internet so we that can adapt our marketing campaign to best target them. Over recent years the way we use the internet has changed massively and sadly not all internet marketing companies have kept up - which means that they are using outdated methods which aren't as effective as they could be. If you're someone that wants to be proactive when it comes to internet marketing and you want to get your customers attention in all of the right ways then undoubtedly you need to have a presence on social media. Thanks to the popularity of smart phones and tablets social media has grown as users become comfortable with sharing and receiving information immediately.

Why Social Media?

You should be on social media, quite simply because your customers are! if you are spending time and money on putting adverts out there then it stands to reason that you are going to want to make sure your efforts don't go to waste. Nearly everyone who uses the internet now has at least one social media profile, so if you're on this site too then you can easily make contact with them. Another great thing is that lots of social media methods are free to set up and use, which means that you don't have to blow your marketing budget out of the water in order to get involved.

How To Use Social Media

Social media is pretty varied and versatile, so you can really use it in almost any way you want. The best thing you can do is get out there and try it to see what works best for you. Try to keep an eye on how well updates go down and click through rates as this will give you an idea of what type of updates your readers most react to and what you should be using to get their attention.
Ideas and things you can include:
  • Answer customer service queries
  • Promote new products
  • Run special offer campaigns
  • Set up competitions and giveaways
  • Share videos, pod casts, photos and graphics
Generally speaking the best thing you can do is use a variety of different media types when you come to update your social media profile so that people don't get bored of seeing the same thing from you time and time again.

Which Type of Social Media Site Should I Be Using?

There are lots of different social media websites out there, so you need to make sure that you look at them all and use the one best suited to your needs. A lot of the time the site you use will depend on the industry you are in and the market that you want to use.
  1. Facebook - This allows you to set up a page and fans can 'like' your page. Any updates that you post will be shown on the newsfeed of people who have liked your page. You can share all sorts of media via the page and also encourage people to message you via the page too if you wish.
  2. Twitter - Short, sharp updates can be shown to people who opt to follow your profile. You can also retweet customer comments and they can retweet any comments you have made too.
  3. Instagram - This is a photo sharing social media page where you can share photo and read your newsfeed to see the photos that other users you are following have shared.
  4. YouTube - Much like Instagram but you share videos rather than photos.
  5. LinkedIn - This is a business to business social media site for industry connections and networking.

Thinking Outside of The Box

As well as social media marketing you need to think of other ways you can get the attention of your  customers and potential customers online. One great solid way of doing this is to set up a mailing list and collect email addresses of people interested in your product/service. You can then email them with brand news, product updates and even special offers in order to get their attention and hopefully generate sales.

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