The importance of mobile software updates

A mobile software update may happen for any part of your mobile phone. It may regularly occur for your operating system, or your apps. It may tweak little things such as clarity on your camera or big things such as the skin for your operating system. Whatever your update does, if it is provided by a reputable and trusted provider then it is important. Here are a few examples of why software updates are so important.

Hackers are trying to break your software all the time

This is just what hackers do. They are like little beavers chipping away at your programs until something becomes unstable. They do it because if you break one then you may be able to break them all. This is not just for programs, as they have the same opinion of passwords too. If you get one person’s password for one thing then you can gain access to so much more. People tend to have more than one password for things and people tend to hover around the same subjects.

If their email password is “crazybabe21” then you can guess that other passwords are going to involve the words “crazy” or “babe”. You also know that if you use a brute force program that this person favors putting numbers at the end of the password, which will cut a few weeks off of the brute force program’s running time.

Hackers are trying to break programming all the time and it is up to software updaters to stop this from happening. They counter what the hackers and viruses/malware do so that each side has to keep evolving until the software becomes redundant.

Technology and connectivity change all the time

It can change in small ways such as improving clarity within a screen and may change in big ways such as when they released HTML5. To keep up with changing technology we need to keep software programmers working at their full capacity.

Your software may have flaws or bugs that were previously undetected

The trouble with flaws and bugs is that they are hard to spot until they cause problems. The worst thing is that they often appear when you install other updates or other apps. This means it is hard to tell if it is your current software causing the problems or your new software. New software updates helps to remove these bugs so that your programs work correctly again.

New programming code can make your software run faster

There are lots of ways to skin a cat when programming. There is not just one answer or one solution, you can create many. The most efficient answer is not always the first one used (or thought of). That is how software updates may make your software run a lot faster.

It is possible to better optimize current software for modern technology

This one is difficult to explain but imagine if you had four weighting scales and a stream of baking flour. A little man directs flour so that a certain amount goes on one scale and a certain amount goes on another. For starters, he may put more flour on one scale than another, but even if he doesn’t there are still ways to improve the process. For example, they could cut out the little man and have the flour direct itself to the weighing scales.

This may seem like nonsense, but imaging that the little man was your software processor core and the four weighing scales were your four CPUs working to make your mobile phone run. Many programs will favor one CPU over the others because they find it hard to split up the program so that each processor is doing its fair share of work. A software update may be able to fix this slightly so that four CPUs are handling similar workloads thereby speeding up the device. It is difficult to optimize software for running on multiple processors, especially when most programmers start out life learning how to compile one big program for one processor. Software updates may make a program less of a drain on the CPU power, which is also restated to the next point.

A software update may make your battery last longer

Creating the perfect program the first time out is hard work, and a regular supply of updates is needed if a piece of software is to remain active. Whilst working on their updates they may find a way of making the program skip unnecessary processes or find a way of putting less pressure and work on the mobiles computer core. This may use up less power on the phone and so help to preserve the battery a little longer.

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