The Best Protective Phone Cases For Your Smartphone(s)

Phones are not only costly items in our day to day lives, but they have a certain degree of personal value, thanks to all of the data they hold and our frequent reliance on them for communication, research, directions and even payments. However, they’re also rather easily damaged, which is a problem. There are plenty of protective phone cases on the market, but which ones are the best? Which one should you actually buy?


Phone skins are not cases. However, they are very popular, these are one of the most decorative options and come in almost unlimited variations. Of course even if you can’t find one you like there are a number of services available that will produce a skin for you using an image of your choice. For those who are careful with their phones and almost never inflict any damage on them a skin could be a nice option, not just purely for decoration but to help prevent any minor damage as a result of slight bumps and scrapes. If the only damage to your phone is a few scratches from having it in a pocket with your keys then a skin is one of the most cost effective and basic solutions for your problem.

Silicone Gel Cases;

Silicon is a very flexible rubber and fits the phone perfectly. This does not cover the screen but does tend to provide a slightly raised ridge around the edge of the screen which means that if the phone is dropped onto a flat surface and lands face down the screen will be a millimeter or so from toughing the flat surface, thus reducing the chances of cracking your screen. If you don’t care for your phone as much as you could this might be a good option; if you tend to drop your phone short distances, keep it in a handbag with lots of other potentially damaging items or work with abrasive materials that could scratch your device then this could be the solution. However, because the silicone gel is manufactured to be a tight fitting case you will need to find one that is designed for your phone, otherwise you run the risk of having a case that covers buttons or ports on your device making them un-usable while the cover is on the device.

Hard Back Cases;

These are usually made with plastic but some are even manufactured using aluminium for additional stretch. These are among the most protective and can endure high drops, however they don’t usually offer the same protective ridge with means that if your phone lands face down the device is not as well protected as it probably should be. This is a good option for those working in industrial or automotive environments, those who are more likely to frequently drop their device on a hard surface. It is worth noting that some are made cheaper than others, you might think picking one up for 99p is a great deal but chances are it will shatter, crack, chip or split when actually dropped and thus provide very little, if any, protection for your device.

Combination Cases;

Combination cases combine the benefits of hard plastic and silicone to produce one of the most secure options available. The silicone, usually thick and less flexible than usual, goes around the edge of the device to protect it, but also holds a hard plastic plate in place which protects the back of the device from damage. Again; this is made to fit the device so you should be sure to select a case that is designed specifically for your phone. I once foolishly selected one for my iPhone soon after I bought the phone because I didn’t want to damage something so expensive, however because of the inaccurate fit the vents at the bottom of the phone were, for the most part, covered and the plastic back was held too tightly to the device and didn’t allow any heat to escape so my phone ended up overheating frequently.

Leather Cases;

Those of you who aim for practicality, functionality and style no doubt will find yourselves attracted to the leather case options. Many of these include a flap which covers the phone screen, which of course means that your screen is fully protected in a way that no other case provides. They also tend to offer wallet space inside the phone case which increases the functionality of the case and reduces the amount of items you need to carry around. Not surprisingly these are particularly popular among businessmen who walk around in suits most of the day.

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