Now That You Have Created A Blog What Next ??

Now That You Have Created A Blog What Next !!

We thank GOD for yet another day with HIS Grace and  mercy all over us through His Son Jesus Christ. Today, we are going to discuss a very vital and sensitive topic so far as the blogsphere still exists. Every blessed day, weeks, months and years, thousands of blogs are being created and launched. As the matter of fact blogs are being created as we speak. One thing to bear in mind is that creating a blog is as simple as breathing our God given air. For which ever reason a blog is crated is not really a concern but the problem here lies on building and gathering real readers and visitors. This is the most important aspect of blogging every webmaster is looking out for. So many blogs have been created have eventually collapse as a result of the webmaster not giving it attention ..

In this post we are going to discuss the basic steps and moves to make as a new blogger who wants to make a different in blogging to create an awareness that a blog like yours actually exists.. First of all you need to:

1.   You need to set up a blog feed

If you want to build a stable of constant trust worthy blog readers then you should consider creating a blog fee for your site. Where visitors who love what you do would subscribe to your blog and get any updates from your blog or site directly into their various emails. This way your readers stay connected to your blog 24/7. I you suggest  you set up your blog feeds using FeedBurner . It is one of the most simplest feed creating site.

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2.  Create A social media network page for your blog

One of the most popular way of creating an awareness of your blog to the outside world is by  creating  and sharing your blog content on the various social media page. The most popular of the social network to share your contents are FacebookTwitterGoogle+  Remember Google and other search engines utilizes your social media authority to rank your blog or website. When you are ranked highly your site is highly exposed to readers and visitors and you get quality traffics to your site...!!

3. Submit your blog to Google search engine to Google using webmasters tool

The only fast way for Google to recognize your site and include it in Google search is by submitting it to their webmaster tool. You and I know that Google is one of the best search engines in the world know even though the are other search engines other, It is recommended that your allow Google to index your website in their directory. If your blog is not in the Google search engine you are virtually cut off.  To submit your blog to Google webmaster please read this post

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4.  Always keep your blog with all new content

Keep your blog new by updating it with more new  post , articles and more. Make your readers know that you are there for them that you would keep them updated with more new post. The more post you you put on your blog the more likely  it  to gain a very high traffic to your blog daily. This is also a tip of getting more daily traffic to your blog just in case you don't know, Search engines loves to get new original content from your blog feed...

Have any questions or comment please drop in the comment box below and we would get back to you ASAP .... Please share the content if it really helped you !!

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