Learn How to Schedule a Post on Blogger

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Have you ever wonder how you can publish a particular post on a specific day , date and even time. I have ask my self this question a couple of time and finally I have the answer to that quest. Today we are going to learn how we can schedule a post on blogger. It is called a Schedule in blogger post editor. This a very powerful tool incorporated to blogger Post settings. This tool make it possible to schedule a date and time you want your blog post to be published. It is just like scheduling a meeting with your partners. on the very day, the meeting stands. With this tool, it doesn't have any limit of post to be scheduled, you can actually schedule hundreds of post according to the year calender and see you post publish automatically on the date and time it was set to published.
All you need to do is to just follow the steps and pictures stated in the various method captured below

First thing to do is to log in to your blogger dashboard and write a new post.Write a post the normal way you have been writing and take the following steps before publishing them !!

After you are done writing your post. At the top  right side bar  of your blogger is a post settings. beneath it we have the schedule area click on it and set a date you want your post to be published. As shown below in the images

This is the very final step you can take. Press the Publish post button. At this very point, your blog post will automatically be queued  and will not be published until the scheduled date and time. Note: You can add as many blog posts as you can to the queue.

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