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Social Media related to Blogging

We Thank GOD for yet another wonderful day; This is a featured Article written by   khaja rehan

Bloggers think that creating a blog and making some good articled will do the trick in bringing views for the blog and that will increase the traffic. But, just making the good articled won’t do any trick. A good promotion is needed.
Promoting in the social media will bring the good results. But just posting in your social media profiles will not give any result. You need to move forward with a good strategy. The following points will help in increasing popularity for your blog.

  • Create a good profiles in all the social platforms and make sure that they are genuine. Include your blog URL in the social media pages.
  • Connect your blog to all the social media and make a good avatar kinda logo so that people can easily identify it. This identification will help you to spread in the social media swiftly.
  •  Create as many social media sharing plugins on your blog. It'll be useful for your users to share the articles to the social media easily. And also spread on as many social media platforms.

  • Add the social media plugins at the top and bottom of your blog's web page. So that as user doesn't need to move to top of the web page to share the article.
  • Make the use of the perfect images according to the article and share it on the social media. These images will take the message to your fans on the social media easily. Try to include at least one image per post. This will help mostly for Facebook and Pinterest which are dependent on images mostly. Remember, an image can express what thousand words could express.
  • Stay in touch with the users in the social media. Respond to the comments to the blog posts and also on the social media. This interaction with the users will make your blog user friendly. Try to thank the fans publicly.
  •  Make a time schedule to interact with your users. Make them alert regularly with your posts. Title plays a key role while reading. So, try to make a good title when sharing your articles on the social media.
  • Don't try to move on the same strategies that other profiles follow on the social media. Try to make your own impact. Try to be unique while posting and commenting on the social media.
  • Be regular on the social media and stay in touch with the fans in your social profiles. This will increase your reputation.
  • Always focus on the content that you're going to post on the social media. Social media will enhance your blog viewers effectively.
  • Use social media call to action. This helps the professional readers to read and share your content.
  •  To increase the viewership of each blog post, use the social media effectively.
  • At the end, remember that excess of self-promotion will give negative results. So better avoid excess promotion but do it with a timing.

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