How to use instagram on your computer (Desktop/Laptop)


How to use Instagram on your computer (Desktop/Laptop)

In this post we are going to talk about how we can use Instagram on our various computer whether its a laptop or a desktop. There are different other ways of instagraming like I would call it..(i know that there is nothing like that anyway) which I would talk about soon but for the main time lets concentrate on the methods we are are going learn right now.
One of the very first method is the use of an application called Instagrille. This app makes it possible to be able to use Instagram right on your desktop or laptop. But before then you should have an account with Instagram (learn how) All you need to to is follow the step below and install it...



Am currently using this application on my computer and am truly enjoying. It gives me the chance to do what so ever am doing on my smartphone right on my PC. Enjoy the feel of Instagram on your computer.
       Instagrille runs through the Pokki desktop widgets app, and adds the Instagram logo to the task bar, next to the Windows button. Click the icon and the app pops up. You can view what's popular straight away, and if you sign in with your Instagram account, you can view your own photos and the feed from the users you follow.
Instagrille is attractive, although it would be nice if you could run it without Pokki too, as two icons are unnecessary!

      Pros                                                                                                         Cons

1. Access instagram from Windows .                                      1. Can't disable Pokki icon when running
2. Fast
3. Easy to use

 Visit the link to download the installer or click here to download directly


Installing Bluestack

The second method we would learn about is using the Blustacks software. The software is an  android app player for windows and Mac. With the help of this app or software you can run almost every android app on your desktop. It has a beautiful, easy to use interface making it more enjoyable.

First of all you need to install the bluestacks for windows , and after your download and install just search for the Instagram app and download it directly from the 1market. 
Visit the link to download the installer or click here to download directly

The pictures below shows the procedures to follow using the Bluestacks......................





  Visit the link to download the installer or click here to download directly

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