How to Open an Instagram Account Through PC

How to Open an Instagram Account Through PC

Instagram has grown beyond recognition since it's launch in 2010 as a photo sharing social network. Nobody might have thought as much
Now  Instagram is a well known app designed for iPhone and Android, it allows you to apply retro effects filters to your photos and gives you the chance to share them with your friends and family. I brings to the pictures socialization which creates avenue for friends and family to like, dislike or even comment on your pictures. Depending on how charismatic you are, you can have an indefinite amount of followers who likes to keep updates of your picture life. Following to know the latest pictures you would snap or capture. To be able to use this, you have to sign up for it. Some days back one would be able to sign up for Instagram online on your PC but unfortunately, Instagram updated their services and made few changes rendering us the inability to register online

Currently there is no way of registering for Instagram from your PC online. However, in this article/post or what ever it is , I am going to take you through the process of registering for Instagram on your Computer (PC)

Register for Instagram account through computer (Mac/PC) Online

To be able to register for Instagram on your PC, there is no two ways about it all you need to do is to Firstly, download and install BlueStacks App Player on your Mac or PC.(desktop/laptop)

Now lets take it that you have downloaded the Bluestack already. The Next thing to do is to search and install the Instagram app within BlueStacks.

Now launch the  Instagram application that you just downloaded inside the BlueStacks and follow the same old new method used on smartphones to register....

For more details on how to use or sign up for Instagram online through computer, you can follow this article.


Easiest way to sign up for a new Instagram account

If you don't have access to any of the possible means of registering for Instagram. You can use your friends smartphone to just register/sign up for the Instagram account  to get your username and password. If your friend does not have it on his/her device you can do them a favor by installing it for them...and if the Instagram is already installed then follow the process to sign up.. If the the user/friend is logged in you can take his permission and log out for him/her .. (Go to Settings > Scroll down and tap Log Out) if you have been able to log out for him your would see a register button.... follow the steps and register.. after your registration you can log to your account on you PC by visiting 

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