Download And Use Viber On Your Desktop Computer or Laptop

Use Viber On Your Desktop Computer or Laptop

Viber is another great application for smartphones that has gain a lot of ground when it comes to social and communication aspect. This app was initially launched for iPhone in the year 2010. Viber has made it possible for it,s app to be launched on the PC. Viber launched their PC version recently and according to information cutting across, it can run on the major operation system that we have. That is Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Mint and Zorin OS. To be able to use viber on your PC you must have registered on your smartphone. So if you haven't registered yet with your phone try to do so.

Viber for desktop/Laptop

Viber for Desktop gives you the chance to send free messages and make free calls to other Viber registered users, on any device and network type, in any country!(Anywhere in the world)

  •    Best-quality high definition voice calls
  •    Better Video calls
  •    Better Text, photo and sticker messages
  •    Get involved n create group conversations
  •    Full sync between your PC and  your mobile
  •    Transfer ongoing calls between devices
  •    No registration, passwords or invitations Needed

Make Free calls, text and share picture with anyone, anywhere they are ! 

 Viber For Windows

 Viber For Mac

 Viber For Linux

Tested on: Ubuntu, Mint and Zorin OS

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