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There are a number of new technology gadgets appearing in recent months, an increasing number of which are intended as wearable technology. This age of futuristic gadgets might feel father off than it really is, with famous options such as good glass and smart-watches become not only a possibility but a fact of the time.


The smart-watch probably doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, an intelligent watch that acts as a phone and music player; probably not all that great. However, the smart-watch is the first commercial indication that people want technology they wear; people want to replace typical clothing with technology. There are a few different smart-watches on the market from several of the typical mobile phone manufacturers and most are providing the same basic option of a small, touch screen phone that straps to your wrist.
The technology for these isn’t a particularly advanced nor demanding, the revolutionary part about it is simply that the watch has become a high-end item of technology with internet access, voice command capabilities, music options, maps, voice calls, video calls and more, depending on the manufacturer and operating system. In short; the fictional devices we invented in our movies and literature purely for the likes of Bond and other such childhood heroes are now real and surprisingly affordable.

Google Glass;

Several years of development, rumours and sneak-peeks have left people curious and excited by the possibility that is Google Glass. This is no longer just a possibility; a smartphone in the form of a pair of glasses is now a reality and there are actually people wearing and using these on a daily basis! Google is currently offering an invite system for their Google Glass Explorer edition, however this is only available in the US, so UK citizens like myself can only sit back and wait for the promised release, for which no date has officially been set but there are plenty of sources that indicate this, 2014, will be the year of the Google Glass.
There is very little indication that might suggest Google Glass is going to be particularly affordable, the Explorer editions of the device already released were purchased, even with the invite, at around £985 and offered primarily to developers, no doubt in order to ensure that when the device is released it will not be terribly short of usable applications.
The technology for Google Glass is, to say the least, revolutionises the way we view technology. The idea is actually very simple, there is a small screen, about the size of your thumbnail, over the right eye, next to it is a small camera and microphone, and the speaker and battery located close to the right ear. The whole thing is surprisingly simple considering the amount of thought and speculation that has gone into the design and theory behind the product since the original announcement in April 2012. It is still unclear how the Google Glass will impact laws, particularly in regards to driving laws given that the technology is hands-free but still a potential distraction when driving.

The Kiwi Move;

This isn’t one that an awful lot of people have heard of, probably because it comes from a small and not so well known company known as Kiwi, but this might just turn out to be the most powerful and advanced item of wearable technology ever invented. The Kiwi Move weighs only one once and can be clipped onto your closing beneath the collar of your shirt, to the side or your cardigan or even tucked under the lapel on your suit, but with enough sensors to accomplish just about anything.
What is so fantastic about this particular device? Well the amazing thing about the Kiwi Move is that it isn’t pre-set with certain functions, you teach it the functions yourself. You program it to perform actions at set times, or in response to certain actions, it can be as useful or creative as you desire all it takes is a little time and know-how. For example; when you wake up the clever little device can sense your movement and you can teach it to log information when you wake up; such as how many hours you slept that night. Then you can have it perform actions; even linking with other devices in your home that have Wi-Fi and or Bluetooth access whether this means telling your coffee maker that it’s time to brew you a cup or whether it’s telling your stereo to play some music.
The Kiwi Move is a surprisingly cheap gadget considering the potential of the device and is estimated to cost less than $150 when released for retail. However, for now the pre-orders are aimed more at developers who may be looking at the potential of the device to see what else it would be able to do if programmed and adapted further, with no indication as of yet as to when you might be seeing this in use on your high-street, however it is expected to be shipped to developers who have pre-ordered by July this year.

The SmartWig;

Not an awful lot is known about this at all, because Sony (who filed a patent for the name in 2013) have not given us a huge amount of information. What we are certain of is that Japanese creators with advanced technology and strange creativity will come up with some pretty off but impressive things. The potential of the SmartWig would be that it could provide a great deal of aid to the visually impaired. The Wig includes GPS and would use brain waves to take instructions from the wearer and use vibrations to output the results. Your wig would be using small vibrations against your head to give you directions, impressive right? Well that’s the theory and, according to creators Hiroaki Tobita and Takuya Kuzi of Sony who have been working on the development of this high-tech hair.
We are of course still all waiting to see how this goes, as Sony have produced a range of products that have been revolutionary such as the Walkman, as well as some that didn’t go down quite so well. There is no evidence as of yet whether the SmartWig will hit the shelves alongside the other wearable technology devices, but it is certainly one of the more interesting ideas out there and there are plenty of other suggestions as to how we might want to make our wigs smarter.

Written ByKate Critchlow is a freelance writer working primarily in the technology industry covering subjects from how to pick the right  iPhone 5 case  to the best anime of 2013.

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