Best android Devices This Year

Best android Devices This Year

When it comes to selecting a mobile phone Android is a popular choice, particularly in the last year or so when many of the iOS updates have been unpredictable, unreliable and if I’m honest a little irritating. It could just be something about technology lovers, perhaps it is something more heavily associated with geeks and nerds, but I and many others I know have more than one phone. Why? Because we don’t want to limit ourselves and the experiences that we can have. Not surprisingly these include an iPhone (5), a Nokia Lumia (920), and until recently a Blackberry (9360) but that was given away as I found it useless and annoying.
Moving on to the important stuff; 2013 was a year of many new releases for mobile phones, some of which are much more reliable and entertaining than others, but depending on the hardware and software each can be suited for a different kind of person and meet a different kind of purpose. For example; when it comes to taking a photo I always pick up the Nokia, there is no other option for me, but when I’m playing games I pick up the iPhone.
There are plenty of options for an Android phone, and as the software has plenty of different versions and it remains one of the most flexible and customisable operating systems available on a mobile device it is a common favourite. Below are a selection of five Android devices that proved themselves to be particular favourites during 2013.

The HTC One;

This is a device that has been around for a while but it remains a common favourite and like the iPhone there have been new versions and updates to the device hardware along the link, however the principle has remained very much the same. One of the most recent versions of the HTC One was the Max, this features a full HD 5.9 inch screen offering a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The Processor and RAM are the same as those in the original HTC One device (1.7GHz, Quad-core SnapDragon 600 with 2GB), but this is no problem, as the HTC One was already impressively powerful.
As is the new style of mobile devices the device features two cameras, the main rear camera and a secondary front mounted camera, the main is a 4 megapixel option using ultrapixels, the secondary is a 2.1 megapixel. This will set you back around £550.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Personally, for an everyday use phone, I prefer something that is not particularly oversized. Something that fits in your pocket the way the old phones used to would be rather nice, perhaps if I didn’t feel like it was going to snap in two when I move my leg. It is possibly for this reason more so than others that I love the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. This is smaller than most current phones, I’d even use the words modest to describe it. With a 4.3 inch screen, not even full HD, and only a 1280 x 720 resolution this is hardly the display that is going to make you gasp in awe. But I like that, there’s nothing unnecessary about the display, no wasted effort; it just gets the job done.
What I will say is that, while the Compact isn’t as pretty, big or impressive in terms of the display, the performance is astounding. This is a slim device offering 2.2GHZ of power thanks to a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Still not impressed? Well it’s also waterproof and offers a 20.7 megapixel camera. Better still this particular device will only set you back around £450. That’s £100 less than a majority of the bulky competitors.
If you’re still not convinced that this is possibly the best option (let’s pretend for now that I’m not being biased) this device also had the best battery performance of those tested.

Motorola Moto G;

Okay – anyone who has seen or read anything about this particular device are probably wondering why it’s on the list. Unless I’m just being biased because I like the fact it’s another small one. However, there is definitely something to be said for this one. It’s slightly larger than the Sony Compact with a 4.5 inch display, but only offers a 720p display. Not to mention that the processor is only punching out 1.2GHz, despite being a quad-core, the device also only provides 1GB of RAM, which is certainly lacking against the competitors.

If anything it seems like a pretty standard, mid-range device, hardly anything that could be considered one of the top devices of 2013. But you’re not looking at the price. This device will only cost you around £130. Compared to other smart phones this is incredibly cheap and certainly a good enough device for everyday use. I suspect that this may have been a popular option for a young person’s first smartphone thanks to the lower price tag, many of the reviews I have perused have also indicated that it is considerably easier and cheaper to repair than the more costly alternatives too, which really does make it a great option for younger users.

Still to Come;

The HTC One 2
– the new HTC One, confusingly named the One 2, is due for release later this month, on the 25th of March. The device (otherwise known as the M8) is rumoured to feature a smaller 5 inch display, with full HD and a more powerful processor, upgrading to the SnapDragon 800. It is, as of yet, not known exactly what the device will feature, however we are all certainly looking forward to finding out in the near future.
The Motorola Ara – I confess, this is a device I have been excited about for months. The building block smart phone will include completely interchangeable parts allowing you to build your own phone (hence it is otherwise known as the building block smart phone). The idea is that it provides you with a phone for life and each component exists in a different block, when times change and the latest games or operating systems require more processing power you can just take out your processor block and slot in a better one. Excellent right? And you’ll be able to do that with everything; camera, screen, memory and everything else. Rumours currently suggest that the device will cost as little as £30, though I do suspect the components will be sold separately to the body and cost a pretty penny for the higher performance options.

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Kate Critchlow is a freelance writer working primarily in the technology industry covering subjects from how to pick the right  iPhone 5 case  to the best anime of 2013.

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