Do I REALLY Need To Defrag My Computer question that almost everyone asks at one point or another is: Do I REALLY need to defrag my computer? The simple answer is yes because there is so much data being stored on your computer – and it’s divided throughout your hard drive. If there are any issues going on with your computer, the first thing that a tech person will suggest is disc defragmentation.

When You Should Defrag

Various computer maintenance tips(PDF)  are available for you to follow throughout the year to ensure you maximize your computer’s performance.

Once upon a time, defrag was the number one reason for a computer slowing down. This is not the case anymore. You may not have to defrag simply because your computer is doing it for you, behind the scenes. This means that you need to determine whether it is something that you have to do manually still or if you have to look into another reason as to why your computer is slow.

You should defrag your computer if you are on Windows XP or an older Mac. This can be done in a simple manner by going into the system tools. If it’s been a while since you defragged, then you may want to plan on leaving your computer alone for a few hours.

If you have Windows 7 or 8, or a newer Mac, the defrag is going on without you knowing it. If you have a solid state hard drive, then it’s not necessary because there is no spinning. With no spinning, there is no data separation.

Ultimately, when you should defrag is when you see your computer slowing down. However, if your operating system does it for you, then there is no reason to worry about it.

The Importance of Defrag

It’s important to understand first why should defrag. When you store data onto your drive, it is grouped into blocks. As your hard drive spins, these blocks can be dived from each other. When you open a file, it takes longer because your computer has to get all of the blocks, which may be in different areas. The defrag process puts the blocks together in sequential order.

Large files that you open on a regular basis can be a particularly long order for your computer to fulfill. If you notice that there are no issues with smaller files but large files are a chore, dig down into your operating system and find out if there is another option when it comes to defrag so you can ensure even the larger files have been grouped together.

There are third party defrag tools that can help you with computer maintenance. These often go above and beyond what is built into your operating system so you can ensure your computer files are organized to the best of their ability.

Defrag is an important process because of the fragments created by the spinning of your hard drive. Unless you have a solid-state drive, these fragments are causing your computer to slow down and you need to take action. It’s easy – and your computer may be doing it for you.

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