Boost and increase your internet speed up to 200% with Internet Cyclone 2.19!!!

How to increase internet speed up to 200% with Internet Cyclone 2.19!!!

Internet Cyclone - is a very sensitive and powerful, most easy-to-use software, which has the capabilities of boosting your internet speed, it serves as an internet accelerator for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 created to automatically optimize your Windows settings which will likely boost your Internet connection speed up to 100% to 200%. Internet cyclone is very compatible with all modem types and most high speed LAN, CABLE, ISDN, T1 , DSL, or other connection types… After upgrading your internet connections this software would still be useful
This is an excellent software for slow dial-up modems as well as high speed access connections. Using this software will gain you a guaranteed faster Internet speed for the time you're online playing online games, Downloading files, Surfing, emailing, and anything else you do online will be faster.

What can Internet Cyclone offers to you?

  • Internet Cyclone optimizes your Windows settings automatically in order to increase internet speed or you can customize them manually.
  • You can speed internet connection without changing your Hardware.
  • It actually Works with all Browsers.
  • It is compatible with all Dial-Up modems connections and high speed LAN, CABLE, DSL, DSL (PPPoE), T1 or other internet connections.
  • Internet Cyclone will speed up web surfing, online gaming, e-mailing, chat and video conference and it will even speed up downloads.
How does this work ?

As it remains that the actual maximum transfer speed of your computer Internet connection cannot be uttered except by upgrading some of your hardware, Internet Cyclone would still increase the total performance of your very existing modem/network hardware by away of optimizing your Windows modem/network settings to maximize the efficiency of your current hardware.
By default, your Windows PC does not manage Internet connections as optimally as possible.

Internet Cyclone: it is designed to automatically change many registry settingsyou’re your computer Windows operating system such as: ), Internet Explorer settings, PMTU Black Hole Detect, Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), Combuffer value, TCP Receive Window (Rwin), Cache Size (NDIPMTU Auto Discovery (PAD), Session Keep Alive (SKA) and some Windows Extra settings like: Selective Acknowledgement (SACK), Maximum Segment Size (MSS), ), Time To Live (TTLPorts COM, Large Window Scaling, Maximum Duplicate Acknowledge (Max DupAcks), VCache value, Maximum connection per server and many other values in order to increase internet speed.

System Requirements:

  • Intel 800 or Higher
  • Microsoft(r) Windows(r) 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, Me, 98, 95
  • 256Mb of Memory or Higher
  • Any connection to the net.
  • 10 MB of free disk space

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