5 Android PDF reader apps to Heighten Reading Experience

5 Android PDF reader apps to Heighten Reading Experience

After going through a lot of research and trying a number of Android PDF Reader apps on my device, I've come up with a list of 5 best PDF Reader apps for Android (both paid and free apps) that’ll provide readers with a surefire way to ameliorate their reading experience on the go.

Here’s the list of the apps:

Adobe Reader

For years, Adobe reader has been the most trusted PDF reader for viewing the PDF documents across the diverse platforms and devices. And it’s not surprising to see it becoming a favored choice as the best PDF reader app among Android tablet or phone users. This PDF reader app boasts features such as multi-touch gestures (like pinch-zooming, double-tapping etc.), text-reflow and viewing PDF documents from email, or web or via an app that supports sharing (like Dropbox or Google Docs). This isn’t the end! The app also gives privilege to users to view and interact with several types of PDF documents in an easy and convenient manner – be it PDF Portfolios, password-protected documents and much more.
Adobe reader is a great app for the readers who wish to take their files viewing desktop experience to a whole new level, while on-the-go. This app is available at Android market and Amazon at free of charge.


So, you went through a PDF document and came up with certain suggestions or figured out a few mistakes that you need to point to! Stop pondering! RepliGo is the first and only Android PDF Reader that facilitates viewing as well as commenting on PDF documents or files. Whether you need to review documents, add highlights, sticky notes and do a bit of other stuff on the go on your PDF files, RepliGo can prove to be a good fit for you.
This app blends in slickly with other Android apps like Dropbox, Gmail and Evernote to name a few. Wait! There’s more to this PDF Reader Android app – it even serve as an excellent eBook reader, including features like an intellectual reading view and night mode view. This is one lightening fast app that lets you to quickly jump to pages within your files, and thus, bump up your reading experience! This is a paid app available on Android market.

ezPDF Reader


If you find it difficult to read PDF documents while on the move, ezPDF Reader is an app that comes to your rescue. Since, this app comes with an audio and video multimedia PDF Reader it renders voice reading facility that have documents read to you. In simple words, using this app you can hear the content within the file instead of reading. The app comes with exemplary features such as text reflow, bookmark as you move and even helps in changing the direction of reading as per your need in order to ease reading and plenty more. It is a paid app and is available on both Android market and Amazon.

PDF Viewer

If you’re looking forward to enjoy a good reading experience even on the low-spec devices, PDF Viewer fits your bill. This Android PDF reader app beats many of the opponents when it comes to deploying fastest text rendering. What’s more? It’s an open-source app that is available on the Android market as well as on Appbrain for free. Well, for me I can bet that this is a definite app to have, owing to the combination of qualities that the app possesses. This app is free.


Last in the list is EBookDroid, a basic PDF viewer that provides a bit smooth and quick reading compared to a few other free Android PDF Reader apps. The app comprises of many features such as pinch-zooming, go-to-page with location slider, night mode, and a few other. This app is available free of cost at Android Market.
Let’s Sum Up!
Even though, there are countless apps on Android market to download and install, but Android PDF Reader apps is something that you can’t miss. Don’t have a PDF Reader app bundled up in your Android device? Well, aforementioned are the 5 PDF Reader apps for Android that you can look upto!
Choosing the best Android PDF reader, you are most likely to enjoy reading all your PDF files in a much better way as on desktop.

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