Will BBM Crumble In The Face Of Whatsapp?

BBM currently boasts of 60 million users on the Blackberry platform alone, and its popularity has been infectious. Long before the its official launch date for Android devices, anxious fans downloaded the app’s leaked version. The mighty 60 million, however, pales in comparison to Whatsapp’s whopping 300 million users. Whatsapp has been able to capture all that user candy through its cross-platform exploits. BBM is also frolicking across the iOS and Android since September 21st, but is it going to slam Whatsapp down with an even greater market share?

Which app has the stronger infrastructure?
One thing that Blackberry doesn’t have to work on much in getting the BBM app’s Android and iOS version fully functional in its infrastructure. BBM is known for getting its Ds and Rs (Delivered and Read) right every time an instant message is sent. Whatsapp hugely delays the process and sometimes falters to the extent of showing a message read when it has not even been delivered.
BBM does not rely on mobile numbers like Whatsapp. Instead it makes use of the BB PIN to send and receive messages. Even when mobile networks are swamped with traffic, BBM users are easily able to get their messages through.
One of the unique selling points of BBM is its data compression feature. BBM users do not have to wait for a huge file to get downloaded. Instead they are presented little morsels of data from time to time.

2013 might have given RIM some tough luck but the Blackberry smartphones still remain at the top of the game as far as security is concerned. BBM with its encryptions and internal systems is light years ahead of Whatsapp. Unlike Whatsapp, there are no data leakages or privacy breaches in BBM.
Your phone number is the only thing a phone tracking software needs to spy on your life via Whatsapp. Whatsapp with its massive security glitches is much less reliable than Blackberry Messenger.
Once you download Whatsapp to your smartphone, your entire contact list is able to reach you through this free messenger. You do not have the choice of sifting through your contact list and selecting those you want to send and receive messages from on Whatsapp. You have to block the phone numbers of people you don’t want on your Whatsapp in order to get rid of them. BBM, on the other hand, requires you to accept a friend request before you are able to receive messages from a person. BBM for Android and iOS gives you much more privacy than Whatsapp can even think of.

Perfect as it seems, Blackberry Messenger for Android and iOS comes with its own pocketful of imperfections. Whatsapp’s availability is hard to compete against. In a report prior to the launch, the cross-platform BBM was to be available as a free app ready to be downloaded on the Google Play store. Blackberry has now announced that BBM seekers will download this app from www.BBM.com. Whatsapp is up on the Playstore waiting for users to come grab it. But that’s not much of a plus point, unless a user has OCD about convenience.
It is way too early to jump to conclusions. BBM for Android and iOS can be a revolution in the world of free messaging apps or sail through the tech world without making ripples.

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