Understanding what website traffic means

Understanding the meaning of website traffic

First of all, let me ask you this question and know WHAT YOU THOUGHT. When you thought of traffic for the very first time what came into your mind? To me, I used to think it was basically the normal road and human traffic that I know of but it was on the contrary. To an internet newbie who just started with the internet business cannot really define or specify what exactly it means and how it helps. In this article, you and I would learn what a web traffic is and how it could be of help to our internet business.

What is traffic (Web Traffic)?

Website traffic is the number of visitors or page views that a web site receives be it occasionally or regularly. Basically, when a visitor or an internet user arrives at your site his/her activity is being logged and monitored, not in a sense of what he does but rather his presence. This number is being added up as long as new users view the site giving the webmaster or owner an idea of the success of his website.
It is good to note that the success of every site it’s the traffic it gets. Imagine if people don’t see what you offer how do you think you would sale? So the fact cannot be denied that the number of page views a website receives determines how successful and popular it is.

The following types of information are often collected when monitoring a web traffic.

  • The number of visitors
  • Normally the average number of page views are recorded
  • Average visit time duration: the time users spent on your site
  • Average Page duration: the time users spent on your page
  • Country of visitors or users: the country the visitor is view from, over here the IP is usually considered.
  • Sometimes the browser of which the user used to access your site.

There are many ways and tools used to monitor the various traffic a website receives. Some of them are paid for and others a rather free or less expensive. Consider using Google analytics it’s free……. The main idea behind monitoring a web traffic is to let its owners know how well the site is doing and may be adopt a good strategy supposing the website is not gaining enough traffic as it is expected to.
Let’s take an instance and find out why it is good to monitor your web traffic. Let take an example of a site that receives page views of 2000 or 3000 traffic in a day. Hmmmmmm, It sounds like the site its doing very well but taking a closer look at the results provided by the monitoring tool, you realize that the visitors or users on the website do not stay any longer than 30seconds and are not looking on any other content on the site. At this moment it is the website owner’s choice not to do anything or do something so people would stay a little longer and may be engage them to view other content on the site, thereby increasing its traffic. Now you see how helpful it is to monitor your website traffic?

Note: increasing your website traffic is never a day job, it is not something that all works in a day. It is just a little by little but sure process. Read this and learn how to increase your web traffic (Natural ways to increase your website visits or traffic :) 

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