MyBloc Apps: Manage your social networks all in one app for iPhone.

 Manage your social networks all in one app for iPhone.

People all over the world have turned to social media networks to connect with their friends and even make new ones. There are different types of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc where you can sign up and start chatting, sharing photos and videos and even making video calls to your friends. It is most probably that you have accounts in almost all these platforms which you operate independently. This can be hectic since you spend a lot of time logging into each one of them. You may even sometimes neglect one of your accounts which can make you lose connection with some of your friend.

To solve this problem, Apple has introduced an application called MyBloc which makes things easier for you. MyBloc combines your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts together in one app making it very convenient for you to manage them. You only need to operate one account.

Once you have installed MyBloc app in your iPhone, you can manage all the three accounts in one Bloc which is based around a three dimensional cube. While on the main Bloc, you will watch the newest post from all these accounts rotate. From there, you can filter each post by visiting the individual network just by flipping to the button of the cube on the top left corner of your phone’s screen. For each network, your Bloc will display different information. For example, it may display news Feed, Photos, Wall and Status from Facebook, My Photos, Feed, Popular and Nearby from Instagram and at the same time display My Tweets, Mentions, Feed and Retweets from Twitter.


There is now a new version of My Block; Version 1.1 which makes your social networking work more easier. It offers options such as:

1. Search for people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
2. Double tap to favorite a tweet
3. Double tap to like a Facebook post
4. Double tap to like an Instagram post
5. Check Twitter mentions
6. Updated Profile screens
7. Check Facebook messages

What are the benefits of using MyBloc iPhone app?

1. MyBloc combines all your social networks into one making it very convenient and fast to navigate through them. It makes you view your social networks in a unique and most creative way since it is very easy to use.

2. With MyBloc, you will never neglect any of your social network accounts hence you will always be in touch with all your friends around the world.

3. Sometime, a very urgent piece of news may be communicated through one of your accounts which you may not be logged in at that particular time. With MyBloc app, you will never miss this post since you get the newest feeds from each one of your accounts all the time.
Get MyBloc now and start enjoying the newest and most convenient way of socializing.

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