How to Earn more money with your website using InfoLinks Ads Program

Earn More money on your website With InfoLinks Program 

Earn More money on your website With InfoLinks Program 

Are you considering making some bucks online? (Good decision)
Are you thinking of may be using your website or blog as a platform? (Nice idea). Most a times when we talk about making money online everybody’s mind goes to Google AdSense. Just in case you don’t know, let me brief you about one of the best online advertising platform infolinks. Infolinks is one of the best in-text ad network that monetizes your texts and increase your earnings. Most webmasters and blog owners are enjoying the full benefit of making money from their text using infolinks. It monetizes your in text.

How you can make money with infolinks

Infolinks has few properties that can help you boost your earnings.
Insearch: this monetizes only your search traffic, it only appears when a visitor arrives at your site via a search engine like google, ask etc.

Intext ads. This is made possible by monetizing your post/article text based on relevant key words in the posts.

Intags ads. You can find out more about this when you sign up for the service, it is better to leave certain things hidden for you to discover it yourself and appreciate its nature and kind.

And they have iframe as well all of this is to maximize your earning so far as your partnership with them still remains intact ….

You can as well earn with their affiliation platform where you can actually earn up to $1000 per your referral using their referral program depending on the type of publisher you may refer.
As the matter of fact, you can earn a min. of $25 for each publisher you refer to infolinks. But before you can be part of this, you need to have an account that has be verified and approved to show ads and then you contact them about your affiliate program.

Simple steps
  • You should have a publisher account with Infolinks first of all. Sign up here as a publisher
  • Log in to your account and navigate to the contact us page. Note: contact them with the same name you used for the registration.
  • Title your message affiliate program
  • Wait for their response within few days may be one or two!


How to install the code on your website/blog to have it ruuning on your site

Your account needs to be approved before you can install the code on your site or blog. Now we assume that your account has been approved. Log in to your account and follow the procedure you see in the image below. Don't have an account sign up here

 Copy the code and paste it in your blog  using the template layout, add HTML, paste the code in it and save it or select blogger and it would automatically add it to your blog...

This is an image of someones dashboard who after two weeks of beiag approved can boast that his website made for him just in a week.

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