How Do I Choose A Better Blog Title/Name?

Most a times, if you are a newbie in the blogging business, you seldom find slight problem or difficulty choosing an appropriate blog title for your blog. Normally, when you rush to get your blog name you end up changing it later affecting you in a way you might not see. This is the problem of many bloggers and website owners. Don’t make that mistake, be on the safer side by reading this.
It is very true that your blog title can attract some number of traffic to your site. Doesn’t mean that you should seat and watch your blog grow automatically? What am trying to say is that your blog title adds a little or more influence to your blog traffic or page views. If you choose a blog title to be COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY for instance, it is very likely that your site would show up anytime someone searches for anything relating to computer or even technology on the search engine that you have submitted your site already. (Submit your site to search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and more).


Before you even decided of having your own blog you thought of what your blog should be about, that I believe. That is what I call blogging pre planning. Because you just can’t get up one more and decide to have a blog with no reason, it would be very strange. It is very necessary to do this planning before you get your blog even on-line.

Your blog name or title represent you, it is considered your brand name. It would be what people associate you with when they see you on social media networks like Facebook, twitter and more. It is very vital to make your name memorable and special.


  • Your blog name should be very easy to pronounce and mention by people that visit your site. That way it would stick in their heads and they can recall it and come back anytime they need information on your site

  • Check whether the name you are considering giving to your blog, whether it is available or not if it is then lucky you but if it is not then think of another thing that also makes sense and meaningful. If you are also considering of owning a top domain, then you also have to check its availability.

  • Have you thought of the social media network? It is one of the best place to get a lot of traffic to your site. Consider checking for the availability of your blog name on social media networks. Whether or not someone is using it or not. Use this network to check the availability of your blog name on social networks and more. NAMECHK

    Try as much as possible to consider this factors when you really want to have a unique blog name.

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