7 Reasons Web Applications Testing Is Crucial For Modern Enterprises

7 Reasons Web Applications Testing Is Crucial For Modern Enterprises

Because web applications are so important to modern enterprises, businesses need to make sure that they are functioning properly. Any problems that may occur with online business software solutions can create an issue for customers, the business or vendors. Seven reasons why application testing is crucial for modern enterprises are: customer service, XSS vulnerabilities, SQL injection attacks, other vulnerabilities, existing problems, prevents crashes and applications testing should be an integral part of a secure enterprise system.

Customer Service
As online business becomes more integral to everyday life, customers expect more from business websites. They no longer look at e-commerce sites as a source of information, they also look at it as a way to interact with the business, order products, pay bills and even handle customer service issues.
Testing web applications helps to find problems before they become a customer service issue. If a customer is not happy with the way a website works they will move on to another site. Matter of fact, research has shown that 50% of consumers will not revisit a company site if they’ve had a bad experience. Don’t lose a valuable customer because of a website issue.

XSS Vulnerabilities
Cross scripting attacks can be found and eliminated by testing web applications. This will help protect your business applications from hackers who wish to steal information, alter information or just put ridiculous text on your website.

SQL Injection Attacks
The database of web applications can be vulnerable to hackers entering code and gaining illegal access to pertinent company information. By testing your web applications you will determine if this kind of vulnerability exists online.

Other vulnerabilities
Other software programs that are used in conjunction with web applications have been found to contain vulnerabilities. Oracle, Juniper Networks, and Active Directory Foundation Services are just some of the companies that have discovered they have vulnerabilities that leave websites open to possible hacker attacks. Web applications testing will keep your company apprised of any possible problems with your website so you can fix them before a hacker has a chance to exploit them.

Existing Problems
You may already have an existing vulnerability and a hacker may have already exploited it. Many problems are not reported by users when they are encountered. If the user encounters a problem they may get frustrated or just leave your site. If a hacker encounters a problem they will use it to their advantage and inflict damage on your website.

Prevent Crashes
Hackers aren’t the only possible problem that can result from existing vulnerabilities and web applications. Your website might freeze or crash if a problem goes unresolved. Testing web applications will help determine possible issues that can lead to a crash or freeze and help you to fix it before it hasn’t in chants to impact customer service.

Secure Enterprise System
A testing schedule should be a part of security maintenance. Testing web applications will help determine if everything is running smoothly, if there are ways that hackers can access the site, and to make sure that software updates work well with the existing program. Just because a patch is issued doesn’t mean that it will work for your particular version of the program. Testing a web application after an update will help make sure that everything is running smoothly.
Because web applications are so important to businesses, companies need to make sure that they are running smoothly, they are secure and that they can support the traffic that comes to the website. Testing web applications will help you avoid customer service issues, software vulnerabilities and help prevent crashes. If your company does not routinely test web applications you need to begin the process to help create a more secure enterprise system.

Written By : Fergal Glynn is the Director of Product Marketing at veracode.com, an award-winning application security company specializing in how to prevent a SQL injection and other security breaches with effective risk assessment tools  ......    FIND OUT HOW TO WRITE FOR US

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