Top Ways, How to Increase Control Over Employees

Top Ways, How to Increase Control Over Employees

A company's success relies heavily on employee productivity. However, it is often common for employees to be doing things other than their main job responsibility at work. As a result, companies become susceptible to profit losses due to its lack of manpower to meet the productivity demands of their business. Managers, supervisors and company owners find it important to learn how to control employees' activity at work in order to mitigate the risks of profit loss and prevent employees to become unproductive while performing their jobs. These tips on how to increase your control over employees will certainly help you protect your business interests and make your employees more productive.

1. Communicate company policies on employee productivity

In order to prevent employees from becoming idle at work, it is crucial to communicate a company policy pertaining to the administration and implementation of a performance standard that will encourage employees to become productive as possible at work. This policy can impose upon the employees to perform at their best in order for the company to retain their services in the long term. Knowing that their employment retention is highly influenced on their productivity, business owners will have some degree of control on their employee to become productive at work.

- employees will know how to meet company expectations.
- Employees will understand the importance of adhering to the company policy on productivity and perform their job responsibilities accordingly.
- Companies will have some degree of control on employees by making work productivity a criterion for employee retention.

2. Issue company monitored mobile devices

Business owners now engaged in using mobile technology in order to gain control over their employees and monitor employee productivity.  Cell phone tracking software such as the
netspysoftware provides businesses the solution to monitor employee’s performance at work. The spy software on mobile can help supervisors or managers to monitor the efficiency of their employee activity in the performance of their duties. You can keep track of the whereabouts of your field employees and you will be able to know whether they stayed en route their delivery destination using the GPS tracking feature in netspysoftware. This allows you to control your employee against taking a side trip for personal purposes using your company resources. It is also easier to spy on an employee whether they have spent significant time chatting, playing online games and checking their social media accounts instead of performing their jobs with the help of mobile tracking devices.

- the use of cell phone tracking software offers businesses a cost effective measure in controlling employee performance at work.
- Employees will avoid sharing sensitive trade secrets knowing that their mobile usage is monitored while at work.
- eliminate the widespread use of mobile devices by employees for personal purposes such as making private calls, watching online movies, chatting and sending SMS using a mobile phone during work hours.
- Employers can control their employees to behave more appropriately while performing their duties

3. Undertake a surprise performance evaluation

Employees who know that their manager undertakes a random performance evaluation at any given time will make them more concern about becoming consistently productive while at work. It is a way of controlling how your employee should behave during working hours knowing the dangers of getting a poor performance evaluation rating that would give merit to his dismissal at work due to a poor performance. This strategy of controlling employees will also make your workforce more competitively aggressive in performing theirs jobs in an attempt to keep their employment with your company through a high performance rating.

- companies can motivate employees to maximize their time to produce more work to obtain a higher performance rating.
- Employees are aware that they will be evaluated any time by their supervisors and will strive to meet company expectations.
- You can control your employees to become more productive as much as possible in their desire to attain a higher performance rating that will be meritorious for future promotion.

4.  Offer incentives and promotions

Employees who are productive deserve a raise or a promotion. Through their efforts, companies are able to meet the demands of their business. This is essential in keeping your employees motivated to excel and deliver efficient performance of their job responsibilities. You can also implement bonuses and recognition of employees who are the most productive within a certain work period. The possibility of getting a higher raise due to their performance excellence will be motivating enough for employees to strive better to become a useful and productive workforce for your organization.

- employees will become highly motivated and competitive when performing their jobs.
- The idea of being recognized for their efforts is appealing enough to compel your employees to become productive.
- Companies will be able to exercise more control to their employees who have been promoted or received a raise to make them worthy of the incentives that they receive.

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