Getting more hundreds and thousands of twitter followers in hours to your twitter page

The question is why would any one want to have more twitter followers on his or twitter page in relation to what he or she does ? or may be what purpose does it serve anyway ? 
If the purpose and the reason is considerable or worth it, how then do i get the followers ?
These are question you find normal users, brands, website owners, bloggers and business owners. It would to be good to note that twitter is not only a social media for social interaction but also a good source of marketing plaform. If you are interested in getting more readers or subcribers to your blog or website to read your updates and post there by increasing your website or blog traffic, then you should consider building a prominent twitter profile and followers. Bear in mind that it is not really how you tweet, what you say, the people you talk to but its who you are as a company, person, blog that really matters, the informations you offer.

More  Followers = Customers  and More Traffic 

 In this post or article, i will teach and show you how you can  get more twitter followers for your brand, business, blog, website or company. All i need you to  do is just to follow the procedures. You might have heard of traffUP before or may be not. Traffup is a website or a source of getting more followers and tweets.

  • First of all you need to signup for an account to be able to use their service to your advantage.

You have to sign up or register for your account, The image below is how the signup page looks like. Fill in the spaces withe accurate information.

After signing up, you can sign in and start getting followers but you have to earn points by purchasing with cash, following people, retweeting. This points you have would be awarded to people who followed your twitter links, retweeted your tweets or visited your web page.
You can see where to earn the points when you click one the tabs below.


When you have earned enough points and want to  put you  links live, then follow the tab at the top right corner of the page as it appears on the pictures below and choose the point to award people. who would follow, retweet or visit your links....

Register and start counting your followers and tweets

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