Get Approved by Google AdSense Without Delay.

It is undisputable that google AdSense has taken over the best monetization network all around the web. Without withstanding this fact, we understand that for the time being, they have upgraded into something else more beautiful and strict making it difficult for fellow webmaster like us to be approved just easily without taking very serious measures with our site. The serious measure as it seems to be is really not that serious unless you make it to. Google AdSense cannot take and approve webmaster’s who are not really willing to spend more time with their work or their website per say. You would agree with me that some years back it was very easy to be approved on this AdSense network with or without much effort. The truth of the matter is that some webmasters design their site to carry just one information and as such cannot be monetized since they do not have enough and original information packed website. We are going to see why and how we can be approved by google AdSense without any problem.


1.       Your eligibility is always consider, Google does not always approve by your site quality but also considers your personal info. According to their policy, you must be above +18 to be able to be approved.

2.       How old is your site? To protect their interest of Google customers they try to consider the age of your site, it should be at least a minimum of 6 months old and above.

3.       Make sure that your site does not harbor any negatively interpreted, non-family safe or potentially offensive word or article or post. In other words your site should not be offensive or contain any illegal content or adult content.

4.       You need to own your domain, simply put, Google right now does not approved  site a subdomains like 

5.       Duplicated site are forbidden by AdSense: Copy and paste sites cannot be approved by Google. If all what you do is to copy people content from other people site and paste it on your site Google would not approve your site because they want a quality and original content packed website so as to protect their customers.

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