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Monopoly is an interesting board game where your game count depends on the rolling of dice. The game can be played by a single person, in this case you play with the CPU or computer and in the other hand, and you can as well play with up to four (4) people at a go. It is a very nice game for family and friends. Basically, in this game you buy up properties featured on popular location across the United States depending on where your dice falls on. You can trade in your favor so as to build and make people pay more for rent for falling on your properties. 'MONOPOLY HERE & NOW EDITION is a timeless game of fun.


  • Buy and own properties on popular locations across the US
  • Get tokens that help you or other wise
  •   Buy and sell your properties in your favor if you want at the modern market place by proposing a trade
  • Play against family and friends

System Requirements:

  • ·         Direct X 7.0 or latter
  • ·         A minimum of 128MB of RAM
  • ·         A Sound card/ Driver and graphics of 16 bit
  • ·         Adobe flash player 9 or improved
  • ·         Windows 98 or better
  • ·         800MHz or better
Download it here

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