Best android spy apps for 2013

Android Applications- Which Ones Are in Limelight for the Year?

Android phones have become the most wanted smart phones in the world today. Their applications, likewise, are swooping in the app market. With hundreds of daily releases, the Android app market is the biggest application market in the tech market.
There are many useful applications for Android phones, ranging from the mainstream ones like Viber and Whatsapp, to the bigger apps like Skype and Facebook. Spy apps like MobiEspion Android Spy have also taken a hike since the idea of spying has become widespread and is being accepted by many. But which ones are standing out this year, following are a few apps that have taken the spotlight in 2013.

There must have been a time when you have wanted to capture something so bad and capturing it is only a touch or click away.  But alas, people around you will judge you, or worse, stop you from recording the very moment in front of you. Such are the times when this sneaky cam application can be put to use. Now be smart and act sneaky. This application will allow you to choose a screenshot, such as that of a game or inbox, and then display that while the camera works with its recording in the background. So to the viewers, it will seem as though the mobile phone user is actually busy with some other activity, rather than recording with the camera. The camera recording can be tapped on by a simple touch on the camouflaging screen shot. Sneaking your way into camera recording has never been this much fun and easy.

Often we want to send our near and dear ones such text messages that could prove to be hazardous if read by people other than the target person. How to secure such messages from lying in the inbox and remain a constant threat to you, until deleted manually? The Spy Message application is the perfect solution to this dilemma. This app will let you send such messages that can be timed to destroy themselves after being sent. The timings can be set by the sender and after that time, whether the message has been read or not, it will self-destruct after that specific amount of time. So secure your secret communication using this amazing spy message application.

To all the worried parents out there, there is an application that will let you know if your child is safe at a friend's place, or secure on the school field trip. Also, check if your teenager is really at a sleepover and not at some night club, partying with adults. To ensure all this, parents simply need to get their hands on this app, the Children Tracker. The app allows the installer to hide its icon and functioning after installation. This way, children will not become overly cautious and position their mobile phones accordingly. They will carry on with their routine activities and thus can alert the parents if necessary. So save your children from the bad company and society evils with the help of this amazingly convenient Android app.

This application is the ultimate piece to give you the feel of being a real spy. This video recorder is somewhat of an actual spy cam. Place it anywhere and its light and action perks will be kept to discreet. No other being can become aware of its functioning. Moreover, the video will continue its monitoring whenever there is motion detected around the camera. Thus the motion sensors render this app an artificially intelligent camera for you critical spying experience.

Written By :  Ryan More
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