Major Publisher that pays site owners and blog owners for their service


Major Publisher that pays site owners and blog owners for their service

Major Publisher or blogger sites that pays site owners and blog owners well for their service. They are quite some number of site that claims to pay writers, blog owners and web site owners for the services they render and so on, how many of them can really stand up to their task and do what they proposed to do. However, below is a list of companies that I have tried and to the best of my knowledge, can recommend them to friends.....I know they are so many of them out there but this ones are worth checking out.

This is  advertising network  for publishers and advertisers offers in-text (contextual) advertising as its primary source of generating revenue for blog and website owners. This works on platform where the publisher receives 70% of total earning. It has various advertising platform such as in-text, in-tag, tags and more. (Recommended) Signup here

BidVertiser Get paid for the clicks and conversions generated from your BidVertiser ads. All you need to do is sign up and put you ad code in the area you want it to appear and get paid by PayPal, check or wire.

Start Earning Revenue From Your Website Traffic
Display mobile and local ads, search targeted  that are suited to your visitor's interests, and earn from their clicks.They offers different payout platform for the publishers. represents an advertising network that gives good CPV and CPM rates for high quality traffic publishers. You get paid for shrinking URL.Register for an account and stat shrinking, get paid for every person that visits your url.. You can put your links on social media network. Enabling publishers to make money from ads displayed on their site. This requires that you get your own paid domain name like Tap into one of the largest pools of advertisers in the world today.

Connect with Advertisers

PayPerPost lets you select your advertisers, name your own price
and negotiate your own deals all by yourself. You can get paid to blog on virtually any subject. Make money blogging with your site.. Sign up below

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