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We often hear about cyber crime and malicious hacking all the time, but have you ever stopped to wonder if it may affect you?
Unless we are aware that we are directly affected by cyber-crime, we may never know just how much of a nuisance it can be.
Here are a couple of stats that shows you the dangers of hacking and how it may affect you.
  • 73% of Americans have fallen victim to cyber crime
  • $1 trillion worth of intellectual property was stolen in the year 2008 alone
  • It takes only ten minutes to crack a lowercase character that is 6 characters long
  • In a recent survey it was reported that 90 percent of all businesses suffered some sort of computer hack over the past 12 months
  • Research estimates that every day more than 30, 000 websites are infected with some type of malware.
  • Over 27 million Americans have fallen victim to identity theft over the past five years. 9 million of them found their identities stolen in the last year alone.
  • In 2010 the average web site was found to have over 230 serious vulnerabilities. Only 53 percent of these vulnerabilities were dealt with over the course of a year.
You could be the next victim to fall prey into the hacker’s hand, so it’s always best to take the initiative and avoid such mishaps before they happen.
I personally use VPN4ALL for my protection.
VPN4ALL is a powerful VPN client that encrypts all your internet traffic with military-grade encryption as it leaves your computer, thus making your data invulnerable to logging, monitoring, and unauthorized content analysis.
Let me briefly dive into some of its features and see what it can do for you;
VPN4ALL uses enhanced Open VPN to ensure that all your Internet traffic is encrypted with military-grade encryption as it’s transmitted over the Internet and that IP address remains invisible to the worldwide web at all times.
They also use Secure DNS to protect their users against DNS spoofing for 100% safety and Secure Online Banking and Shopping.
VPN4ALL provides optional Extra Protection – a second layer of at-the-server Antivirus, Antimalware, Antiphishing and Firewall protection, which helps you make sure that far fewer malware gets through to your computer or mobile device.

Installing and starting to use VPN4ALL is quick and easy with its powerful yet intuitive software interface.

Fast Global VPN Server Network
VPN4ALL grants you access to all their high-speed secure & anonymous VPN servers in over 30 countries (and 80+ cities) thus letting you change your local IP address to 1000+ IP addresses worldwide.
VPN4ALL is compatible with the following devices;
  • Windows Desktops and Laptops
  • Mac Desktops and Laptops
  • Linux computers
  • Android smartphones and Tablets
  • IOS smartphones and Tablets
  • Some windows smartphones
  • Some blackberry smartphones
  • Windows Surface Tablets

The application also lets you Work and play, stream videos and share files, browse and download, make calls and chat, do online shopping and banking in over 30 countries, on any type of internet connection, wherever you are.
Keeping hackers at bay has never been easier. Get it now
to make things easy for you


Android phones are taking over mobile device market and one of the main reasons this is happening is the fact that the operating system lets you customize it in any way you want so everyone can have a unique phone. Android phone from a factory is great as is but they always lack some customized features most users want. With so many apps it’s hard to produce a phone for everybody’s like so most users have to find all those customized apps they want or need for themselves. You can find a lot of great Android software from customized wallpapers, home launchers and all sorts of apps that can help you in everyday life or entertain you.
This doesn't mean that there are no essential apps every Android user should have on its phone. If you are looking for apps to start your collection on a new Android phone than this 5 apps are something you shouldn't miss. These apps are useful to everyone so you can tell your friends or everybody who uses an Android phone to try them.

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks so be sure to install the Twitter app if you didn't do so already. The app doesn't feel like accessing a web site from your computer but you will be able to see up to the minute updates which is a great thing to have while on the go.
This app should definitely find its way to your app library so you can always keep up with the things your friends are doing wherever you are. You can also easily post tweets yourself whenever you feel like it and set up all kind of notifications so when anybody important to you posts a tweet your phone will alert you with a sound of your choosing. This will make following people you like easy and interesting and make your phone even more useful which is what Android is all about.

Every Android phone has a keyboard but they are often too small and lack all the customized features you want and are used to when typing. A perfect keyboard should have multiple language support, large writing area and large keys so writing short or long messages should be easy, without hassle and it should never slow you down.
SwifKey is a perfect app for all users that like texting more than phone calls or for those on the move that write a lot and use their phone for that when they are not in the office. The app comes highly recommended from all popular Android magazines and forums so the fact that both developers and users recommend it must mean a lot. It lets you fully customize all the features so they suit your needs perfectly. You can always uninstall it if you don’t like it but we doubt that since it’s one of the best keyboard solutions out there.

When you start using an Android phone you will most likely use all of the Google apps and services. If this is the case than Google Authenticator is an app you will find very useful since it will let you keep all your contacts, emails, documents and all your important information safe and secured.

Some users might not think that this app is as exciting as some new game or a media player but the usefulness of this app will make you love it. What the app actually does is it adds another layer of security to all your passwords and log in details for accounts like Gmail, Dropbox and more by letting you set app an extra password that protects all these information. With this extra security no one can ever access these accounts because your phone is independent from your computer. Great thing about the Google Authenticator is that the app is free so it won’t cost you a thing to be extra safe.

If you own a business, or work in an office, it is better to have a close watch on your employee’s activities inside and outside the office. As a fact, the employee’s dishonesty towards your business may lead to many troubles. In time diagnosis of your employees dishonesty can minimize your mental and physical pains.
mSpy is a fast, reliable and smart mobile app that allows you to keep track of all the activities on the target cell phone. mSpy has a user friendly interface and is very easy to install. It occupies less memory space on your mobile and is very cheap in price. Due to reasonable price and best performance, it has excellent feedback and its sale is drastically increasing. mSpy for business is a perfect cell phone tracking app and is considered essential for monitoring how your employees use their cell phones. Even if the employees get the knowledge of being monitored, this will lead them to be honesty towards your company.

If you are an eBay seller or like to check new items and find discounts this app is perfect for you. For an example if you stumble upon on some item on sale and you think you can easily resell it on eBay and earn money you can use your phone to take a picture of the item and post it on an eBay while you’re still in the store. You can even wait for bids to come in before even buying it so you don’t have to risk your money.
Also if you have an important auction for an item you want so bad, and you’re not by your computer you can use your phone to bid while you’re on the go. It looks a little different than the computer version but it feels the same, it’s not confusing and very easy to use.
So if you don’t already have these 5 apps you should seriously consider on making them a part of your app collection. They all have great potential to be extremely useful, fun, entertaining to you and even make you some money.

Written By  by Katrin Deres. Enthusiastic blogger who writes about different useful apps, software and methodologies for better and easier life. For further information visit https://twitter.com/mSpycom. To guest post ...
Whats App Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging. It is an app which allows you to exchange messages from smartphones to smart phones. with this you don't need a pin or what so ever to connect with friends, you only need the phone number of that person if only he or she is has installed and register for it....
Whatsapp was founded in the year  2009 by Brain Acton and Jan Koum with the idea of exchanging text messages, voice, video and images for free. no cost attached . millions of meassages are sent through whatsapp per day.

WHATS-APP is available on the following platform and smartphones

With whatsapp you can do so much as voice chat, exchange of photos, videos, texts and so much more. it makes is very easy to connect with friends all around the world at a very little rate 

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Samsung announces the Galaxy Gear smartwatch with voice control.

Samsung has finally unvailed  their smartwatch which was design to connect with their numerous smartphones with the help of bluetooth (via bluetooth)

 It has the normal size  of regular watch  with some amzing features that makes it like a smartphone. It is a touchscreen with a 1.63inch screen,   1.9 MP of camera at the side of the device for capturing images just like you do with the normal smartphones and a bluetooth that aids easy transfer of files to your smartphone just at a touch. It is also built to provide almost the same functionality of an android phone. With this it makes it even possible to walk without touching your mobile phone with you.. The most enjoying part of it is it abilty to be controlled using your voice which makes it possible to play and switch music, making phone calls and receiving calls as well and sending text messages. and you also get the chance to use apps on it just like the phone.It has been loaded with special apps in the categories of health, fitness and fun. In all, it has been loaded with a total of 70 apps.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be made available  from September 25 in six  different colours which is  Black, Wild Orange, Mocha Gray, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, and Lime Green
At the launch it would only work with the note3 and 10.1, followed later in the year by Galaxy S4 after the software is updated to Android 4.3

Though it is the first smartphone brands to come up with the smartwatch, it doesn't necessarily means that it is the only one out there..Some are coming in Sony Smartwatch. pebble and rumore is goiing that Apple is coming up with iWatch but has not yet be made know when it would be arrived....

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