Keeping Kids Safe Online With Parental Software

Worrying about what your kids do and see on their computers is one concern parent's should strike off their list. As a parent I know that we have enough to worry about; but I also know that technology has become advanced enough to help us with a few of those worries, especially when kids are using the computer. Whether it's a family computer or a PC in the kids room, and whether your kid is 7 or 17, there are a couple of applications that can help you with computer related issues.

Parental Control Software is great for parents with younger kids; especially if you want them to be able to play, learn or explore a website without the worry of them accidentally clicking something that takes them to a site they shouldn't be seeing. The software runs in the background at all times, and will scan web pages before they're seen, checking for a range of inappropriate flag words and images. If the software sees a swear word, for example, the page (or in some cases just the word) will be blocked.

Parental Control Software can usually be set up to suit your particular needs. Anything related to gambling, pornography, alcohol, swearing or violence can be blocked, along with a range of other categories, and you can usually add keywords yourself. These applications will be password protected, so that when they're running your kids won't be able to turn them off.

You may think your kids are too old for Parental Control Software. If for example, they're in their teenage years and you think they have a few problems that you can't get them to talk about, Computer Monitoring Software may be a good solution. You may be sick of them looking at adult content on the family computer, or they may be in to drinking and drugs. Whatever the reason, monitoring software will help get an insight into their lives.

Computer Monitoring Software monitors everything that happens on the computer it's installed on. Whether that's websites, applications, emails or documents (you can even get this for phones). You can log into the monitoring software at any time and look through the reports to see what's been viewed at what time. The software runs completely hidden, so that the user of the computer won't know they're being monitored.
You could even use parental control and monitoring software together, creating a very safe environment for your children to surf the web. Some parental control software has a selection of sites, for kids of a young age, which will be the only sites they're able to access. They'll be able to browse these sites from a homepage.

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